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Even after that lengthy, messy Tell All special, a number of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 7 couples are still together.

As we previously reported, Kimberly Menzies and Usman “Sojaboy” Umar were not on the list of reconciliations.

But they’re still friends. And, as Kimberly was quick to point out, she’s very open to a friends-with-benefits situation. Friends with yammy, if you will.

Now, months later, Usman is proclaiming that Kimberly remains a “queen.”

Taking to Instagram, Kimberly Menzies is singing Usman’s praises over his latest achievement.

Yahoo Boy series coming soon! So excited for this,” her post began.

Kimberly affirmed that “No matter what, we will always support each other!”

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“That’s what grown ups do!” Kimberly then declared.

Sometimes? That can be fairly contextual.

Kimberly then added that she is of course “So proud of Usman for this!”

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Kimberly has well over 200,000 follows on Instagram alone. And there are others who check her posts.

So it is safe to say that she has a significantly larger reach than your average middle-aged mom.

Usman clearly appreciated her shoutout. And he decided to make that clear to everyone.

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“Queen in America and Queen in Africa,” Usman gushed in his own Instagram Story post.

“Queen Kimberlllllly,” he then called his ex-fiancee.

Usman went on to express: “thank you friend.”

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Usman and Kimberly experienced some difficult, painful moments during their relationship.

More than once, Usman hurt her feelings — rejecting her or making her feel like she should be particularly grateful for his attention.

Meanwhile, Kimberly would at times explode Usman. She did not handle disappointment well, and struggled to keep some of her promises to him when it came to his culture.

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Even so, Kimberly flew out to see Usman in Africa several times — once in Zanzibar, and a few times in Nigeria.

Things became serious. She met his mother and ultimately gained her conditional approval. Kimberly introduced her son, Jamal, to Usman.

And when they realized that Usman’s cultural imperative to have a second wife would prevent him from getting a US visa, they explored the idea of adoption.

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This adoption discussion, and other mounting tensions, ended up tearing them apart.

Usman admitted that he did not previously realize how much his familial obligation to have a child would interfere with his relationship.

They broke things off. And it did not end well. Kimberly took off her ring and ended the pre-Tell All season by sobbing on her luggage.

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But at the Tell All, they shared that they are on very good terms. Just as friends, however.

Kimberly made no secret of the fact that she would be delighted to be friends-with-benefits. Many of her castmates, however, encouraged her to find some yammy closer to home. Even if she misses the “power bike” with Usman. (We don’t know, and that’s just fine)

Of course, especially with the messy cast of this franchise, there is always a chance that their friendship could again blossom into something more. Only time will tell.