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Meri Brown appears to have something quite serious to try and answer for.

Last week, as part of a lengthy interview with blogger John Yates, Paedon Brown said the following about this Sister Wives cast member:

“Meri was not nice… Abrasive is not enough of a word to explain what Meri was to a few of us children specifically.”

The son of Christine and Kody Brown, Paedon offered few specifics, but did add in frightening fashion: “It move[d] so far past verbal. Verbal basically stopped existing.”

There’s no way around it: This was an accusation of assault against Meri Brown.

A short time later, meanwhile, Gwendlyn Brown answered a number of questions from her fans and followers, many of which centered around Paedon’s explosive remarks.

According to the 21-year old daughter of Christine and Kody, there was certainly some truth in her brother’s allegations.

“[Meri] was scary as a kid, but she never attacked me and I only saw her violent once,” Gwendlyn alleged. “That was all a long time ago.”

Meri Brown has moved on, at last, from Kody. We wish her the best going forward!

Gwendlyn elaborated as follows:

“Meri had moments where she was rude and scary but I don’t remember her getting physical with anyone except for Mykelti and that was only once.

“I believe that everyone deserves a second chance… I don’t know anything about saving anyone’s life, honestly. She was met with more dislike than anything.”

Meri Brown sits here and is grilled as part of the Sister Wives Season 17 tell-all special.

Back in 2019, Maddie Brown also referred to Meri as “abusive” and even as a “monster.”

“I can reiterate what Madison said about Meri,” Paedon said last week. “No, we were never safe around [Meri].”

It’s worth noting here that Paedon and Gwendlyn agree on very little.

The latter, in fact, very recently trashed the former as a racist and a sexist and as a generally awful person with no redeeming qualities.

Meri Brown included this photo as a way to say goodbye to the year 2022 on Instagram.

When it comes to Meri, however, they are largely on the same page.

While celebrating her own birthday a day ago, meanwhile, Meri sort of clapped back against these accusations… without citing them specifically.

“On days like these, I’m reminded again of the humanity of people with good and honest hearts, the friends who have your back and stand up for you, and general goodness in the world,” Meri wrote, implying that someone such as Paedon does NOT represent general goodness in the world.

“So grateful for friends who I can be myself with, who know my heart and my true self, and cheer for me for my bright future,” Meri added.

Concluded the TLC personality in this post:

I have so many things to be grateful for. So many good things in the works for the coming year. So much promise, hope, and light. And today.

I’m so grateful for today.

Here’s to another year in the books, and another year ahead full of wonder, wisdom, and worth.