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A new season of Teen Mom: Family Reunion is almost upon us, which means the ladies will once again be repeating the same stories we’ve heard a million times, but this time in Lake Tahoe or something.

The first trailer for the new season dropped this week, and already, there have been some surprises.

For example, Leah Messer will not be joining the cast a fact that has led many to wonder if she has quit the franchise entirely.

(Short answer: Almost certainly not.)

The ladies of Teen Mom Family Reunion are ready for another round. (Photo via MTV)

On top of that, the Moms will be joined by their own moms, which could certainly complicate things.

But just because their maternal role models will be on hand, that doesn’t mean the ladies will be on their best behavior.

In fact, if the trailer is any indication, the moms are even more out of pocket this year than they have been in seasons past.

Rumors of a Briana DeJesus-Ashley Jones brawl have been circulating since the summer when the show filmed.

Despite Briana’s insistence that she did not try to beat up a pregnant Jones on set, it seems that some sort of serious altercation went down between these two.

It looks as though the conflict actually started between the castmates’ moms, Roxanne DeJesus — who is will known to fans — and Tea Jones — who is apparently just as much of a crazy person.

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Tea Jones is the mother of Ashley. And she is angry. (Photo via MTV)

“Y’all speak on my daughter, I’m coming for your mother f–king ass,” Tea said.

At that point Ashley screams, “F-ck you” at someone, presumably Briana, and all hell breaks loose.

Fortunately, there’s always a security team on hand, so we can assume that no one was seriously injured.

Briana DeJesus in 2021
Briana DeJesus looks rather concerned in this photo, doesn’t she?

Obviously, it’s never a good thing when people resort to physical violence.

But we’re trying to look on the bright side of this situation.

For one thing, the main viewer complaint about Teen Mom in recent seasons has been that the shows are boring, and that certainly won’t be the case here.

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A brawl on the set of Teen Mom Family Reunion. (Photo via MTV)

On top of that, the situation probably made some of the other girls feel less sad about their own dysfunctional family situations.

“I know I’m not the only one with mommy issues,” Catelynn Lowell quips in the trailer, her remark presumably prompted by the brawl.

Yes, pretty much no one on Teen Mom comes from a healthy family situation.

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Ashley Jones looks like she doesn’t mean that smile. (Photo via MTV)

And perhaps the show will serve as a reminder that all of these ladies have overcome a lot, which will lead to greater empathy from viewers.

But probably not.

Either way, we’ll get to see a good, old-fashioned reality TV brawl, which is always a thing of beauty.