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Let there be no doubt:

Tori Roloff and her husband are not getting along well these days with Matt Roloff.

This is not a secret; nor is it up for debate, not after Zach called his father out this year as a coward and a manipulator based on what Matt said in public about putting his farm land up for sale.

What about the allegation that Tori doesn’t get along with sister-in-law Audrey, however?

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It’s never been clear whether or not these relatives actually have a rivalry, as strangers on the Internet have been trying to analyze their relationship for years.

Have there really been subtle instances of shade being thrown?

Maybe. Possibly. We can’t say for certain.

But now there appears to be a not-very-subtle attempt by Tori to give Audrey a shout-out and to emphasize to the public that the stars get along perfectly well.

Tori and Zach look concerned and downtrodden in this confessional scene from Little People, Big World.

Tori jumped on her Instagram Stories on Sunday, November 20, to share a video of three-year old daughter Lilah twirling for the camera as she showed off her new pink floral backpack, an apparent gift from Audrey.

“@audreyroloff just when we thought she couldn’t be more of a mood you go and buy her a backpack,” she wrote at the time.

It’s not some gushing message of love or affection, no.

But it’s clearly a cute joke and/or reference and it’s not something you’d write to a person with whom you have a beef, you know?

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In July 2021, amid chatter of a feud between Audrey and Tori, at least one report claimed that it was actually their husbands who don’t get along.

Zach and Jeremy got into a huge argument one day,” someone told The Sun back then, adding that the altercation “changed” everything between these siblings.

“It went on for weeks,” the insider detailed. “And the girls obviously took sides.”

They all “stopped speaking to each other” for a period of time, continued this article, citing some sort of “lack of respect” between the brothers as the basis for their rivalry.

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Zach and Tori Roloff are all smiles in this promotional photo for new episodes of Little People, Big World.

Audrey and Jeremy left Little People, Big World in 2018; while Tori and Zach still star on the popular reality show.

Both couples both new homes over the past year, with the latter pair actually moving out of Oregon and into Washington.

They don’t seem especially tight, that’s for sure.

But, these days, all of the Roloffs can evidently come together and agree on one thing: Matt sort of sucks.