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Janelle Brown may or may not have left her self-centered jerk of a husband behind.

But one thing seems absolutely certain these days of the long-time Sister Wives cast member:

She’s left a whole bunch of pounds in the proverbial dust!

Amid strong speculation that Janelle really has followed Christine Brown’s lead and is no longer a member of Kody Brown’s plural marriage, many social media users have taken note of photos such as the one below.

Janelle Brown appears to have slimmed down of late. She looks great, doesn’t she?

Janelle has been sharing more and more pictures of just herself on Instagram, standing proudly, smiling and flaunting a slimmed-down figure.

“Janelle has lost a ton of weight. She does not look the same,” an insider told The Sun this week, adding of the TLC personality:

“She’s half the size she was. Her numbers have completely changed. She’s got to be at least 100 pounds down.”

Janelle and Christine, of course, work for a shady weight loss supplement company.

For several months now, they’ve promoted various shakes and products to their many fans and followers, pushing what often comes across as a pyramid scheme to anyone interested.

We can’t say we approve of what Janelle is doing in this professional regard.

But on a personal basis? If Janelle has truly arrived at the conclusion that Kody doesn’t care about her and that she can do a lot better in the romance department?

We applaud the reality star, standing ovation style.

Last week, Gwendlyn Brown sat down for a Q&A with her own social media followers, replying in the affirmative after someone asked whether Kody was only with “Meri and Robyn” these days.

“Yes. I think,” Gwendlyn replied to this inquiry, ramping up the rumor mill across the Sister Wives universe.

Is Janelle really divorced from Kody? We can’t say for certain, but the romantic connection most definitely seems to have been severed.

Kody and Janelle Brown on Air
Kody and Janelle Brown are featured in this photo. They don’t seem to be in love.

On the flip side, an insider previously told In Touch Weekly that Janelle will never take this step.

“Janelle, I do not believe will ever leave Kody,” a source told this tabloid in the wake of a bombshell Season 17 episode, which featured Christine announcing to her sister wives that she was moving back to Utah.

“Janelle is perfectly content with the relationship they’ve always had and it’s never changed, and it’s always been the way it is and he respects her…

“She and Kody are best friends.”

Over the course of this brand new Sister Wives season, viewers have gone behind the scenes of Kody’s fractured relationships.

Christine has already walked away.

Meri has admitted that she’ll never do so, but also said out loud on many occasions that she doesn’t need a husband to be happy.

As far as Janelle is concerned? She has said very little, but different anonymous sources keep speaking to different celebrity gossip outlets.

“She’s no longer claiming to be his wife,” The Sun wrote last month.

“She does not believe she’s part of the equation of marriage with Kody anymore. It’s done, it’s over.”