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The countdown is on for Matt Roloff.

And he knows it, too.

The Little People, Big World star has been dating Caryn Chandler for years now and has openly talked of late about proposing.

It seems like a sure thing that these two will one day walk down the aisle… it’s just become increasingly difficult to predict exactly when that day will arrive.

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Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff have their bags packed. They’re ready for a vacation.

On the latest episode of his family’s reality show, Matt actually addressed the delay in his engagement, blaming a living situation that finds him “in limbo” as the the reason for why he has not yet put a ring on it.

“It just doesn’t make sense for us, for me to propose to her, for us to get married, until we have a place that we can land in,” he explained on air.

“And neither of our houses work for each other. So it’s just very, very disappointing.”

Matt is busy building his dream home on his property in Oregon and is residing in a mobile home until construction is complete.

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Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler are all smiles while hanging out here in Arizona.

Chandler, for her part, has not publicly commented on her boyfriend’s postponement of the big question — but she appears to be making some pretty major life decisions of her own these days.

According to recent reports, Caryn is planning to move to Arizona full-time.

She’s even planning to do so regardless of whether or not TLC picks up Little People, Big World for another season, having allegedly grown sick and tired of all the Roloff in-fighting.

As loyal viewers know well, there’s been extreme tension between Matt and his kids ever since the former put a portion of his farm property up for sale in May 2022.

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Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler are out and about and having a blast in this photo.

“Matt really wants another season, but Caryn is completely done,” an insider told The Sun a few weeks ago of where Chandler stands when it comes to running it back on the small screen next year.

“She thinks there are too many disagreements with what they want to say and do on air, and too much family drama.

“She feels as though she’s the one always caught in the middle trying to mediate…

“Caryn is ready to just have Matt hand the farm over and they can go to Arizona and retire. That would be her dream scenario, but whether Matt agrees is yet to be decided.”

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Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff pose here for a photo that was snapped in February of 2021.

Little People, Big World viewers, meanwhile, have seen Matt and Caryn discuss marriage in the past, and just last season, Caryn accidentally referred to Matt as her husband.

“I’m married to the guy that owns a pumpkin patch,” she said on camera before realizing that she had misspoken. “I’m not married. Did I just say married?”

“You’re almost married to a guy with the pumpkin patch, is the way I could put it,” Matt responded.

That was back then, of course.

Now? All this time later?

Caryn still isn’t married to the guy who owns a pumpkin patch, as folks start to wonder: Will she ever be?!?