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As advertised on one of Netflix’s most popular reality shows, love is often blind.

For many fans of this program, however, a different sort of question is now being asked:

Does love actually exist?

Specifically, does it exist between Season 3 stars Bartise Bowden and Nancy Rodriguez?

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Bartise Bowden and Nancy Rodriguez are seen here, getting to first base on an episode of Love Is Blind.

First, a refresher:

Bartise Bowden is a 27-year-old analyst who loved to pump iron at the gym, at least based on his physique and the many photos he shares to Instagram.

Nancy Rodriguez, meanwhile, is 32 years old and is a successful Mexicana real estate investor who loves the late singer Selena.

On Love Is Blind Season 3, Nancy ended things on air Andrew, while Bartise initially pursued a romance with Raven… only to eventually move soon to Rodriguez.

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We won’t know for certain until the Season 3 reunion airs later this month whether or not these lovebirds have decided to settle down in the same nest forever and ever.

But this hasn’t stopped fans from searching for clues on social media.

After the first few episodes of Love Is Blind season 3 came out, for example, Bartise posted a picture on Instagram with the famous golden cup, writing:

“Everybody been asking to see my left hand…”

Of course, he then cropped out said hand, as you can see below:

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Nancy, for her part, only seems to upload snapshots of herself and the women she met on Love Is Blind.

Does she follow Bowden? Yes.

Does Bowden follow Rodriguez? Yes.

But we also assume producers obligate cast members to do so after the episodes are taped… in order to ramp up the suspense.

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It does sound, however, as if Bartise has a few regrets.

In a TikTok video posted on 29 October, the Love Is Blind star responded to a fan who said, “What…wow B, just wow! Just finished watching episodes 5-7.”

Bowden replied:

“Kudos to you for making it that far. I don’t know why you just didn’t fast forward my parts or cut that sh*t off because, what a mess I have made. Oh my god.”

What does this mean for his romantic future?

Just as Netflix wants us to do… we’ll need to tune in to find out!