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The growing distance between Anna Duggar and her in-laws has been a hot topic for some time.

Josh Duggar preyed upon his sisters as a teen. Then, when married to Anna, he cheated on her, later accessing child sexual abuse material (CSAM). For that last part, he is now in prison.

Considering Anna’s net worth and total lack of prospects, she needs all of the help that she can get.

But she remains at odds with many of her in-laws. And Anna isn’t ready to forgive them any time soon.

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In a recent report, OK magazine detailed the fallout since Josh’s sisters spoke publicly and at Josh’s trial.

An inside source confirmed that Anna has been “distancing herself” from multiple sisters of Josh.

Apparently, it’s not about private comments. It’s about their public statements, disavowing the monstrous predator.

Josh Duggar's Post-Conviction Mug Shot
Josh Duggar is hoping to get out of prison.

“It started after some family members spoke out about Josh’s arrest,” the insider explained.

The source characterized that “It was a nightmare navigating all that.”

Apparently, Anna had extremely high expectations of the Duggars. Expectations that several in-laws plainly did not meet.

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Anna Duggar took to Instagram this week to share her views on ways in which the media is allegedly manipulating the public post-election. The whole thing was extremely bonkers.

“Yes, it was horrible what Josh was accused of,” the insider vastly understated.

“But,” the source went on, “she needed unconditional support.”

That meant more than help wrangling her seven children or paying for food or keeping a roof over her head. Even though the cult trains her otherwise, she does have her own mental and emotional needs.

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Josh’s wife Anna has maintained her belief in his innocence. (Photo via Instagram)

“Anna took it as a betrayal,” the insider explained of her reaction.

“And,” the source then added, “she’s still not ready to fully forgive some family members.”

Forgiveness can be a challenge. And there may be more going on here, psychologically speaking. We’ll get to that in a moment.

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Josh Duggar is seen here with wife Anna. This photo was snapped many years ago.

First, we should acknowledge reports that Anna may not stay in Arkansas for much longer.

Allegedly, she plans to move to Texas — and to bring all seven children with her.

Normally, that sort of move would be a huge deal. But when you don’t allow your children to attend school or make normal friends in the world, they have fewer connections to the outside world.

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Right now, Anna lives on the Duggar compound. She lives there for free.

Mackynzie is 12. Michael is 11. Marcus is 9. Meredith is 7. Mason is 4. Maryella is 2. And Madyson is just 1.

Per reports, Anna is considering a move to Texas to be closer to Josh as he serves out his sentence. Gross!

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We mentioned that Anna’s mind might not be entirely clear, and we don’t just mean the obvious.

There’s more than just cult programming at work.

And there’s even more than her obvious and alarming denial about what kind of monster Josh really is.

Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar Throwback Picture
Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar are featured in this photo, from way back in the day on the show 19 Kids and Counting.

It is possible that Anna is so “angry” at her in-laws, as reports have consistently claimed, because that is what is “safe.”

Yes, her cult programming and denial both come into play here.

Denial is why she cannot accept what Josh is. Cult programming is why she cannot divorce him.

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Anna Duggar and Josh Duggar announced the pending arrival of one of their kids in this photo.

But as long as Josh remains her husband, she feels religiously obligated to treasure and worship him. That’s how the cult works.

Now that he’s behind bars, she cannot. Obviously, that has to be very difficult for her.

Anna can’t allow herself to resent Josh for ruining her life many times over. So she may be directing some of that fury at his siblings. Food for thought, right?