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In the world of scripted television, victims get justice, grieving families get answers, and the rule of law abides.

TV is nice. In real life, however, Casey Anthony gets to live her life following the horrific death of 3-year-old Caylee. And, of course, following Casey’s acquittal.

Most infamous … alleged … child-murderers would happily disappear into anonymity if they could.

Instead, she’s coming out with a new docuseries. And the world is feeling outraged.

Peacock might not have “streaming giant” status, but NBCUniversal’s streaming service is actually one of the better ones out there.

In addition to a host of existing properties, from Murder She Wrote to The Real Housewives to beloved films, the service offers originals.

Some of those are good. Some of those are bad (but fun! Looking at you, Vampire Academy). And then there’s this abomination.

Peacock just announced Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies.

This limited docuseries will feature the infamous, widely reviled individual herself.

She speaks about the investigation, the trial, and the rampant media attention that followed the horrific death of Caylee.

Caylee Anthony Mom
Casey Anthony, the mother of Caylee Anthony, was acquitted during her murder trial, having been accused of slaying the toddler.

Peacock released a stomach-churning teaser trailer for what feels, to some, like Casey’s version of If I Did It.

“Why talk to me now when you’re not getting creative control?” we hear an interviewer ask her.

The ill-advised docuseries will debut later this month, on November 29. There are three parts to it.

Alexandra Dean, the showrunner, released a statement to explain this baffling project.

“Since her acquittal in 2011, public opinion of Casey Anthony has been largely shaped by the media convinced of her guilt,” she began.

Dean continued: “What emerges over the course of multiple interviews recorded over six months.”

Casey Anthony at Trial
Casey Anthony during her murder trial, one of the most notorious in U.S. history.

Her statement claims that what emerged “is a startling psychological portrait of Casey Anthony.”

“And,” Dean continues, “a complete narrative of what she says happened to her daughter.”

This, the statement adds, is “weighed against multiple sources of potential evidence.”

Casey Anthony Smiling
Casey Anthony is all smiles after being acquitted of murder.

Alexandra Dean claims: “I believe the result will surprise many.”

“And,” she insists, “cause the American public to look at this story in a new light.”

That may sound unlikely. But we all know that a docuseries can distort the reasoning and judgment of viewers. Just look at how many people watched Tiger King and thought that Joe Exotic was just an eccentric weirdo. The man has actual fans.

Casey Anthony in 2017
Photo via AP Photo/Joshua Replogle

Dean also emphasized how Casey Anthony has not actually given an in-depth interview. Not with cameras rolling.

People had a lot of questions about her behavior — even her defenders (they exist) would have liked answers during her trial.

Apparently, Casey may fill in some gaps. Whether people believe her is up to them.

Casey Anthony in Courtroom
Casey Anthony in the courtroom during her murder trial, one of the most notorious cases in U.S. history.

One important element of this docuseries is that Casey Anthony herself does not possess creative control.

She cannot give “notes” to production or to editors.

Casey controlled what she did and said on camera, but that was it. But … that’s not guarantee of neutrality, is it?

Sad Casey Anthony
Casey Anthony looks very sad in this photo. It was snapped back in 2011.

Especially in the wake of Netflix’s Dahmer, a lot of people feel fatigued with how people this infamous get to be “entertainment.”

In Casey’s case, it’s even worse. No actor is portraying her in a sensationalized film. She’s speaking directly. One assumes that they paid her for this.

If more people felt that Casey’s acquittal was just and true, this wouldn’t be a big deal. But that is not what the vast majority of people believe. Look, maybe this will change hearts and minds. But for now, people feel pissed that Peacock is giving this a platform. Caylee would be 17 years old right now. She should be.