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During the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Yara and Jovi received some welcome news.

Finally, Yara has her green card. And because of how long she had to wait, she received the 10-year version. A double-win!

But it is difficult to celebrate her continuing path to citizenship while her homeland remains torn apart by a brutal invasion.

Yara wants to fly to see her mom. Jovi wants her to wait until he can go with her. And her friends say that he’s being controlling. Who’s right?

Yara Zaya felt distracted on her way to her final green card interview.

Husband Jovi Dufren kept working to remind her that this was a good thing — while admitting that he might have been missing a document.

Fortunately, between their marriage and their daughter, Mylah, the interviewer did not take long to be sure that they are legit.

“It feels honestly horrible to have been waiting for all this time,” Yara acknowledged. “And I’m finally getting it right now.”

She then remarked: “And now, it’s useless. I can’t do nothing with that Green Card.”

Yara expressed that she is frustrated “because the point of that Green Card for me to go back home.”

“And now, I don’t have nowhere to go,” Yara admitted. “Where will I go? To the war?”

She then emphasized: “Of course, I wanted to go see my mom. I want to go to Ukraine too. I miss my country.”

Yara’s mother is currently living in Prague. Even before Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, Yara had not been able to visit without her green card. Before this visa, leaving would have meant not returning.

“Soon. As soon as I get my Green Card, I tell you that already,” Yara told Jovi of her plan to fly with Mylah to visit her mom.

Jovi felt frustrated. He will be away at work when her green card arrives. A week or two could make a difference.

With this topic weighing over them both, Jovi tagged along as Yara went out to meet up with her friends. We have seen these friends before.

Adele seems to be the unofficial spokesperson for the friends, and did not mince words to the camera when describing Jovi.

“I think he has control issues, like he just wants to put her in this little box and watch her,” she speculated.

Meanwhile, Jovi was looking for allies when it came to convincing Yara to wait long enough for him to go with her to Prague.

“What I’m really trying to get across to you guys if you can help me to support her in waiting a little bit to go to Europe,” Jovi pleaded.

“I would appreciate it because she takes your opinion for everything,” he then shaded, “and it’s a lot better than coming from me,” he explained.

Jovi told the camera: “I can’t let Yara be a loose cannon because if she makes an irrational decision that affects my family, I should have some involvement with that.”

Ultimately, Jovi sees this as being about protection.

Yara’s friends — at least Adele — sees this as being about control and possibly some insecurities.

But for Yara, who is still making up her mind, she wants both parties to know that she will make her own decisions.

“I think Jovi has some trust issues because Jovi thinks my friends can influence me,” she told the camera.

“And he doesn’t understand that nobody can influence me to do something which I decide to do myself,” Yara noted.

She concluded: “So I don’t know if I’ll be waiting for Jovi to go to Europe or no, but whatever I will decide, it will be own decision.”