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Sometimes, it seems like only one group of people can outdo how horny Tyler Baltierra is for his wife.

And that, of course, is how horny fans get when Tyler posts his thirst traps.

The Teen Mom star has worked long and hard to get his swole body. Of course he likes showing it off.

He didn’t have to work hard to get the bulge that he’s showing off in his latest pic. Some things just come naturally.

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Cuddle time! Tyler Baltierra snuggles up closely here with his fourth and presumably final child.

Tyler Baltierra is more than just a “dad from Teen Mom.” Sure, he’s that.

But he’s also a DILF. And he’s not afraid to remind his fans and followers of that.

There are many ways to be attractive, and he’s found one that works for him. Sir, we are looking respectfully.

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“Still managing to stay pretty lean during this bulk cycle,” Tyler wrote atop a pair of thirst traps that he shared with fans.

“Hypertrophy training is going exactly as planned,” he announced.

His torso, from his abs to his pecs (not to mention those arms) to his what-we-will-euphemistically-call “fun gutters” are all killing it.

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But did you also catch that bulge?

Go ahead and scroll back up. Do a double take. We won’t judge. And we’d be hypocrites if we did.

Either Tyler has a side hustle as a very inefficient banana smuggler, or the guy is packing.

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Tyler Baltierra is pictured here on an episode of Teen Mom OG from the year 2020.

Now, we’re all adults. We know how penises work. Changing size is a huge part of their function.

But Tyler’s fans and followers who vocally sang his praises — in some cases, shamelessly — don’t have to think that he’s part equine to admire what they’re seeing.

Just like with, say, bras, some pants and underwear are more flattering than others. Especially when you have some already impressive goods to show off.

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There’s no other way to put this: Take a look here at Tyler Baltierra’s shorts. It looks like he has a big penis.

Tyler has threatened to break the internet before with his parade of thirst traps.

As you can see above, Tyler’s abs and — again, as a euphemism — “fun gutters” caught a lot of eyes.

But so did that booty. And, even in the shape-obscuring black athletic shorts, Tyler’s dong refused to fully hide.

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Tyler’s NSFW moments have taken more forms than just his post-workout selfies and body shots.

Recently, Catelynn Lowell flaunted her man’s tat-tastic torso by sharing a carefully cropped thirst trap.

One can only imagine what Catelynn cropped out of the photo before sharing it. That is arguably part of the point.

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Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra pose for a cute photo together on their 15th anniversary.

Tyler has not always had a happy relationship with his body. We do not doubt that both emotional troubles and the burden of reality TV fame were factors.

In recent years, however, he has put a lot of effort into looking as eye-popping as a lot of other Instagram hotties. Fans have thrown the word “OnlyFans” around more than once.

But settle down. It’s Tyler’s body, and right now, he’s only sharing that conspicuous package with his wife.