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Teen Mom fans know that drama is just of the fun when it comes to this very special series.

But this latest drama is … well, it’s a lot.

Ashley Jones Instagram Photo

Settle in, because this could take a while.

OK, so we know that during the taping of Teen Mom Family Reunion, a fight broke out between Briana DeJesus, Ashley Jones, and both of their mothers.

It all started because Briana’s mom, Roxanne, made a comment one night about how the grandmothers on the show should have each other’s backs.

That’s it.

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Tea, Ashley’s mom, took that personally, and it turned out that Roxanne was insinuating, at least partially, that she didn’t appreciate some of the things Tea had posted on social media.

The two ladies started screaming at each other and tried to turn things physical, but security managed to calm things down … for the moment.

Later that night, all four of them found themselves in the kitchen together, and that’s when Ashley allegedly spit on Briana.

Things did get more violent this time around, but we won’t know the full extent until the episode airs.

We do know that Ashley, Briana, and their mothers were forced to leave the show early, and that the feud continued on social media afterwards.

It was a lot at the time, but last weekend MTV filmed the reunion special for both Family Reunion and The Next Chapter …

And you won’t believe what a mess it was.

According to sources who spoke with The Ashley’s Reality Roundup, “tensions were high” from the beginning because of everything that had happened before.

Ashley Jones on Instagram

When it was time to film the segment with the whole cast, “Briana was told that Ashley would be on-stage with her,” but she was assured that “that they would seat Ashley far away from Briana.”

“When Briana saw that Ashley wasn’t actually very far from her on stage, Briana walked off and told [the producers] that she didn’t feel comfortable,” the source explained.

“The producers tried to get Briana to go back out there with Ashley but she refused and told them she didn’t feel safe.”

That was all that happened during the taping of the reunion for The Next Chapter, but something strange happened when they began filming for Family Reunion.

Bri D

“Ashley wasn’t allowed on the set anywhere near any of the other girls for the ‘Family Reunion’ taping,” a source said

.“They said she was banned for ‘legal reasons’ and everyone assumed it’s because [the fight] happened on the ‘Family Reunion’ set. It was just so weird that the day before Ashley was allowed near everyone.” 

The Ashley theorized that the shows were produced by different companies there could have been different rules, and that makes sense.

But what happened later, well, that doesn’t make sense at all.

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After the cast finished filming for the day, “all the girls other than Ashley got into two vans to leave the set.”

“They passed Ashley on their way out and she realized who was in the vans. That’s when she began doing her signature twerking moves at the second van.”

Signature twerking moves. You can’t make this stuff up.

“A lot of the girls found it super-disrespectful and it really angered one girl in particular, someone who had not had any previous disagreements with Ashley and had previously liked her,” the source continued.

Ashley Jones on an Episode

“That girl confronted Ashley later on the phone and that conversation ended in a huge argument. No one got physical but it probably would have if the conversation had been in-person.”

That person, shockingly enough, was Amber Portwood.

(JK, it’s not shocking at all, Amber got felony charges over Fourth of July fireworks, why wouldn’t someone twerking make her lose it?)

Amber Portwood Reaction

Ashley and her husband, Bar, explained later that he was simply filming her twerking for a TikTok, which checks out — there is a video on her account of her lip syncing and doing a little shimmying in what appears to be the outside of the production studio.

That makes infinitely more sense — why would she twerk at the Teen Mom cast aggressively? Why would anyone think that’s what she was doing?

Seriously, just think about it for a minute: you are walking away from your archenemy but before you get out of their line of sight, they start twerking in your direction as a sign of great disrespect.

Amber Portwood on Marriage Boot Camp 01

Is that real life, or is that a bunch of people who don’t like one girl making up reasons to bash her?

Look, Ashley isn’t perfect, of course, but what kind of world do we live in if we can’t even twerk for TikTok without it turning into this?

Anyway, about that phone call that Amber made to Ashley …

Yeah, Ashley shared clips of it on Instagram.

Ashley Jones Modeling

It’s a little hard to understand what Amber said because she was absolutely just screaming her head off, but she did call Ashley a “dumb f-cking c-nt.”

She also told her that she was “going to be off the motherf-cking show,” meaning Amber thinks she can get Ashley fired, and of course she told her “I’m gonna f-ck your ass up if you ever say anything to my motherf-cking face.”

In what should become a classic Teen Mom quote, when Ashley told Amber that she was deranged, Amber agreed, saying “I am deranged, you dumb motherf-cker: clinically deranged.”

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We’re sure there will be more developments in this story, but for now … what a wild ride, huh?