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We have some non-breaking news to report:

Ysabel Brown said this week that she has basically no relationship with her father, Sister Wives patriarch Kody Brown.

On the latest episode of this TLC smash hit, the 19-year old labeled her connection to her dad as “fine” when pressed for a response via confessional.

Compared to how things are between Ysabel and her mother, however?

“I’m gonna miss my mom more than I’m gonna miss him, I think —because I don’t actually think we’re close at all,” Ysabel said in regard to leave for college.

She then tried to qualify her answer a bit by assing:

“But I mean, he’s still my dad.”

This is a fact, yes.

ysabel vs. kody

It’s also a fact that Ysabel underwent back surgery in September of 2020… and Kody refused to be by her side during the procedure.

The father of 18 cited COVID-19 as the basis for this decision, which clearly had an impact on Ysabel.

“I need him to be there, but why isn’t he coming?” Ysabel cried on air during a 2021 episode of Sister Wives.

Later, in an interview with People Magazine after she left Kody, Christine said this development, and her subsequent loss of respect for Kody, played a major role in her finally choosing to walk away from her marriage.

“I really find it hard to stay with a guy who I don’t respect,” Christine told People of Kody and his behavior surrounding this surgery two years ago.

“I understood COVID, and why he couldn’t come, but she didn’t. And she still has a really hard time with it.”

That much was evident this past Sunday evening on Sister Wives.

Even to someone as self-centered and as insensitive as Kody.

Christine Brown and Daughter Ysabel
Christine Brown and daughter Ysabel are here in the hospital, prior to the latter getting surgery.

“You know, anytime I spend time with Ysabel, I spend most of my time doing a lot of work to draw her out of herself,” Kody said on the installment.

“I don’t know what it is. I don’t think I’m that big an ogre. I don’t know why she’s not talking to me. I’m open to her.”

Really, dude?

You have no idea why she isn’t talking to you?!?

Christine Brown has a lot to think about. This is a photo from Season 2 of Sister Wives Season 17.

During the same episode — which featured Kody saying he thinks Christine betrayed him — Christine revealed that Kody bought Ysabel a car… and Christine invited him to travel cross country with them to get their daughter set up at college.

However, he turned down the offer.

“I think Ysabel is probably hurt that I didn’t go but there are people depending on me, more than just Ysabel. And it just wasn’t going to work in this case,” he said in a confessional.

“I would’ve done it if we wouldn’t have had the COVID thing.”

Kody Brown is irate in this photo. He’s reacting to the news that Christine no longer wants to be his sister wife.

All this said, Kody added that he takes no responsibility for his poor relationship with his kids.

“If my relationship is bad with my younger children, it’s not always my fault. It’s that I haven’t had a mother who has been willing to actually help that,” he really said.

“And Christine here needing excuses to be able to leave has been setting things up, I feel like, for a very long time to justify this to her children.”

This guy truly is the worst.