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Meri Brown is not gonna let her husband bring her down.

On Monday, the veteran Sister Wives star shared a meme on her Instagram Stories page, adding a sticker that reads “THIS” to the following statement:

The trick is as long as you know who you are and what makes you happy it doesn’t matter how others see you.

Meri also included the song “Happy Girl” (by Martina McBride) as the post’s soundtrack.

At no point there does Meri actually name Kody Brown, of course.

But let’s go back to Sunday night, shall we?

After Christine broke the news to her fellow sister wives that she was leaving Kody and moving back to her native state of Utah, Kody basically put his foot down on his three remaining spouses.


“I’m going to be the head of my household again and so I’m not going to be circumvented in that,” Kody said on air.

“And so if everybody’s willing to conform to patriarchy again, I guess, because I’ve been fighting to make everybody happy.

“My bitterness is that out of trying to do that and not having the family that I had thought about and designed.”

Yes, everyone must conform to the patriarchy. What a sweetheart, right?

Kody Brown is irate in this photo. He’s reacting to the news that Christine no longer wants to be his sister wife.

Despite remaining spiritually married to Kody — who also has spouses Janelle Brown and Robyn Brown — Meri and Kody have declared their relationship “dead” for years.

In 2021, Kody claimed Meri’s 2015 catfishing scandal was was to blame for the demise of their relationship.

“There’s a point where intimacy is just damaged,” Kody said in a January episode of the TLC series.

“It’s misleading to have intimacy in a relationship where there is no real safety, I’m not going there.”

Meri Brown on her Instagram
Meri Brown uploaded this photo of herself to her Instagram page in April of 2022.

In the many months since Kody made this statement, and since it came out that Meri and Kody haven’t slept together in over 10 years, the latter has uploaded one cryptic statement after another on social media.

She’s tried to make it evident on numerous occasions that she doesn’t need Kody to be content in life.

So, why does she stick around?

“I think that all relationships have issues that they have to work through,” Meri told People Magazine in early 2021.

“And I think that’s just kind of where we’re at right now. or me personally, I’m not one that’s going to give up.”

Meri Brown posted this sort of intense selfie to her Instagram page in September of 2022.

About a year later, she delved into further detail in regard to her polarizing decision to remain in a relationship that certainly appears to be one-sided.

“My goal and my purpose and my point is to just be a better person and to just look at the family because there’s value to that,” the Lizzie’s Heritage Inn owner said on the Sister Wives Season 16 reunion.

“There is value to this family that we have created.”

Sister Wives airs at 10/9c on Sunday nights on TLC.