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On Monday’s episode of 90 Day: The Single Life, Natalie Mordovtseva flipped out on Josh.

She had finally felt ready to sleep with him. In her mind, this came with expectations.

Unfortunately, Natalie forgot to tell Josh that. She also neglected to explain it to him after she got mad.

Josh was left confused, wondering where this hostility was coming from. And Natalie just felt done with him.

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It is the morning after. Natalie is still in the hotel room bed, while Josh is up preparing breakfast.

On the surface, nothing is wrong. In Natalie’s mind, however, things are boiling over.

Even when Natalie recoils from Josh’s friendly touch, he thinks that she is being playful. He doesn’t seem to realize how much her mood has shifted.

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It took ages before Natalie was actually willing to tell Josh what was “wrong.”

Instead, she just lounged in bed and acted weird while he tried his best to get a yogurt that she would like.

At least we, the viewers, got to hear some explanation of her emotional state — even if it was hard to understand.

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To the camera, and in a voiceover, Natalie explained that Josh was leaving for work shortly.

(This had been the plan the whole time — he is a busy professional, but set aside these days to spend with her)

Natalie declared that this was not enough time together. She didn’t rush to tell him that, though.

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In Natalie’s eyes, she did not express her feelings or stand up for herself enough during her relationship with Mike Youngquist.

(That is not necessarily how most of us would describe that toxic relationship … she threw his ring at him and body-shamed him, after all)

She vowed that she would not repeat this “mistake” with Josh.

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Finally, after giving Josh this bizarre silent treatment, Natalie spoke up.

“I feel not comfortable, honestly. I don’t feel right, I don’t like it,” she said vaguely.

Natalie complained: “I give you my time, and I like you and I came here for you. And you don’t have time for me.”

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“Then, we shouldn’t do it. You can’t make me come here, wait for you,” Natalie ranted and rambled.

“Like why? To make me feel lonely, isolated? Why?” she spat.

“I have bad feelings now,” Natalie accused. “And man who doesn’t care about my feelings is not my man.”

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So Natalie is complaining that her feelings are hurt. Okay, she is allowed to have hurt feelings.

Josh reminded Natalie that he is “here right now, and I have this time for you,” and expressed that he’d “had a good time this week.”

Natalie complained to the camera “The problem with Josh, he’s not emotional man. And whatever he says, he says very calmly. I cannot read him. It’s new, strange, too complicated.”

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But speaking of “strange, too complicated,” she did a very poor job of explaining what her issue was.

Production was clearly baffled. When Natalie stormed off from the table to use the bathroom, they asked Josh.

Josh had absolutely no clue. There was no discussion about this. Natalie was just very abruptly cross with him.

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“I don’t wanna leave things like this. I care about you,” Josh pleaded with Natalie through the bathroom door.

She did eventually emerge from the bathroom.

Josh tried to continue the conversation, or at least find out what was wrong. Natalie was in no mood.

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She told him to go, and he agreed.

But Josh at least got his answer.

Natalie was angry that he had to go to work, even though she had known about this the entire time.

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In her mind, the fact that she had slept with him should have changed his itinerary.

Natalie pointed out that she doesn’t have these other things to do, so she wants more time and attention from him.

But … he is a grown adult with a job and responsibilities.

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Josh was baffled, and could not hide his shock from the cameras as he departed the hotel.

His kids understand that he has to go to work better than Natalie does … and his kids are 5.

However, he did tell Natalie that he plans to text her. Assuming that she does not block his number, anyway.

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Natalie continued to spiral and rant while alone in the hotel room.

She complained that Josh wasn’t meeting her unspoken demands, and seemed fixated on the fact that they’d had sex.

Somehow, after enough complaining, she turned this into Josh having used her.

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Natalie even revealed that she wondered why he didn’t take her with him, as he has plenty of meetings with beautiful girls who travel with him. I don’t understand.”

“For me, sex is serious. If I sleep with him, it means I consider him as the father of my kids,” she rambled.

Natalie declared: “I would never be involved with a man, go to f–king bed, if I didn’t consider him as my man and father of my kids.”

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“Why would I do it to myself? He f–king uses me. Piece of s–t.” Natalie accused.

She then sobbed on the hotel bed, declaring that she felt heartbroken.

In her mind, Josh wasn’t coming back, and it didn’t really sound like she wanted him back. But then, does Natalie even understand what she wants, let alone know how to express it to her partner?