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Long before the current family feud erupted, Jeremy and Audrey Roloff bought their own farm.

Why? Because they had given up on Matt Roloff ever making good on his alleged desire to pass on the farm to his boys.

That does not mean that the Little People, Big World alums do not still harbor strong feelings on the matter.

In fact, Audrey and Jeremy just shared a huge milestone for their youngest. One that threw serious shade at Matt.

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We say that Radley’s milestone is “huge” because he’s part of the Roloff family. It might not be as big of a deal for most others.

But Audrey and Jeremy took to social media to share that they took their three kids to a pumpkin patch.

Ember and Bode have been before. But this was Radley’s very first pumpkin patch trip. Cute!

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A cute moment, especially for a family where pumpkins have played such a massive role in their lives.

(From seasonal tours to pumpkin salsa, these orange gourds are tied to the Roloff brand)

But where is the shade? Simple. Radley’s first pumpkin patch was not the same as so many other family members.

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See, Jer and Auj did not take Radley to Roloff Farms for their “Rad’s first pumpkin patch” post.

Right now, it is a peak time for the pumpkin industry. And that means that it’s a huge time for Roloff Farms.

Remember, it’s not just a product. The pumpkin tours around this time of year are a huge draw.

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Amy Roloff is hanging out here in the pumpkin patch of her farm. It’s her happy place.

Fans of the Roloff family took to social media, including Reddit, to exchange some snark about how different this pumpkin photo was from those in the past.

“Just a little shade,” one quipped.

And another pointed out: “Tori also posted her fam at another non-Roloff pumpkin farm today lollllll.”

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It’s pumpkin season on the farm! And look at how many Roloffs have gathered around for the occasion.

Like Audrey and Jeremy, Tori and Zach Roloff also felt scored by Matt’s sale of the farm.

For years, he led his boys to believe that they might one day be able to purchase or even inherit the beloved property.

And then Matt turned around and sold their childhood home to a strange, raking in millions.

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It’s pumpkin time for the Roloffs. And, as you can see here, they’re pretty darn happy about it.

Though the dispute within the Roloff family is not in question, some folks weren’t sure that Auj and Jer were throwing shade at all.

“I mean. I don’t think it’s shade I think it’s just fact? We all know they don’t hang out at the farm anymore,” a commenter suggested.

And a separate commenter wrote: “It was a school trip for one of the kids and the whole family went along.”

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It’s pumpkin picking time! Amy Roloff hangs here with a fan on the farm.

As we have previously reported (at length), Matt Roloff asked for about $4 million.

The product? The original family home and the bright red barn.

This priced out his sons, Jeremy and Zach. And Matt knew what he was doing. He also knew that, for years, he had spoken about his desire for them to run the farm. The result has been a lot of ugly emotional fallout.