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RHOSLC fans all heard as Heather Gay vowed to be there for Jen Shah’s family after her sentencing. It was sweet!

Lisa Barlow also made a similar promise about Jen’s sons. That, however, was less sweet.

According to Jen, she has a very specific beef with Lisa. And it’s not just Housewives drama.

Did Lisa call Jen’s sons an abhorrent racial slur?

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To start at the beginning, or close enough, Lisa Barlow made a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live.

There, she noted that she is open to remaining in contact with Jen Shah’s sons while their mother is incarcerated.

What might have been a sweet gesture turned out to be the final straw for Jen, who had something to say.

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Jen took to Twitter to voice and even explain her displeasure over Lisa’s “generous” offer.

“I don’t want anyone looking after my kids that calls them the n-word,” Jen tweeted.

She also tagged Lisa, just in case there was any doubt. Wow!

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Several weeks ago, Jen foreshadowed this upsetting reveal with an Instagram Q&A.

There, she asked ehr fans and followers to guess which of her castmates had made racist comments.

Current castmates, that is. Mary Cosby and Jennie Nguyen were not exactly a big secret, and they’re also no longer on the show.

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At the time, Jen did not name the castmate, but alleged that one had called her sons the “N-word.”

There are a few permutations to the N-word, but literally none of them should be coming out of Lisa’s mouth.

Unfortunately, that was not all.

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According to Jen, this then-unnamed Housewife had asserted that “there are different kinds of Black people.”

Does she mean the differences between an eighth generation Black American, someone living in Nigeria, and someone living in Jamaica?


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“For example, ‘Black people from Compton are different from Black people from Salt Lake City,'” Jen shared.

In case anyone had forgotten, she then noted: “(note…my husband is from Compton).”

Coach Sharrieff Shah is from Compton and in Salt Lake City … which would put him at a crossroads in that racist paradigm.

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It doesn’t stop there, either.

Jen alleged that this unnamed racist had donated to Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign “4 times.”

Additionally, Jen reported that this person had referred to her as Moana, a reference to her Tongan roots.

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Jen Shah appears to be an evil person. We have very little sympathy for the Bravo star and her legal problems.

“Your people have the coolest hair; can I touch it?” this person allegedly said to Jen.

That is a weird thing to say to anyone, but even without the “your people” thing, touching a woman of color’s hair is a no-no.

And obviously, there is no conceivable excuse for supporting Ted Cruz. Even his own colleagues and political allies despise him.

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RHOSLC fans have no trouble imagining Lisa saying something horrible.

While voicing a racial slur is several orders beyond regular insults, it is sadly not inconceivable. There are twisted people in this world.

Lisa is certainly capable of malice. Are Jen’s accusations true?

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Jen has a major credibility issue. Many of the replies to her tweet naming Lisa Barlow pointed this out.

Simply put, this is a woman who loudly and angrily declared her innocence before abruptly changing her plea to guilty.

So … while it’s possible for a confessed liar to tell the truth about racism, she’s not exactly playing a strong hand here.

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Meanwhile, a recent on-screen conversation between Meredith and Whitney identified Jen as the source of the rumors about Lisa sleeping around to promote her brand.

They had both heard the claim separately, and traced it back to Jen.

Maybe Jen wanted revenge on Lisa. And maybe she gave Meredith the ammunition to get revenge on Lisa for her own reasons, too. After all, this season has shown the two women closer than they have ever been.