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Of all of the 90 Day Fiance Season 9 couples, Kara Bass and Guillermo Rojer were not the most polarizing.

But that does not mean that people did not have strong opinions about them. Especially Kara.

In fact, many still do. After the Tell All, however, some viewers began to see her in a different light.

Do fans still hate Kara after the passage of so much time? Take a look:

On Wednesday, October 12, Kara Bass took to Instagram to give followers a look at how she’s coming along.

As we all knew from the Tell All (and spoilers before the Tell All), Kara and Guillermo are expecting their first child in November.

Showing off her third trimester baby bump, Kara went on a walk, seemingly in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The only thing that stood out more than Kara’s happy, healthy baby bump was the comments.

Scrolling through, we saw positive comment after positive comment — praising Kara, her belly, and her marriage.

That deluge of positivity is unusual on social media. When it comes to women who star on 90 Day Fiance, it is extremely rare. And that was not always Kara’s experience with fans.

Kara and Guillermo did not actually have a lot of real problems during their season. Not relationship problems, anyway.

There were some hiccups during his immigration process (because he is from Venezuela).

Tragically, Guillermo’s brother passed away. That hit hard, especially since he could not go and be with his family.

The two of them did end up spending more on the wedding than they had planned.

This was no an accident; it was a compromise.

Kara had been concerned about their budget. Seeing Guillermo grieve, and grieving with him, made Kara want to loosen the purse strings and spring for more memorable nuptials.

Prior to that concession, Kara and Guillermo’s disagreement had left fans divided.

It’s not that everyone necessarily thought that a big wedding would necessarily be the best use of funds. It seldom is.

But Kara certainly had some control issues. She was accustomed to living her life and making choices in a certain way, and was slow to adapt to giving Guillermo a say.

(This screenshot doesn’t really add anything to this discussion, but you’re welcome anyway)

Indisputably, another factor was simply that people really, really like Guillermo.

He’s earnest. He’s a cutie. And he seems relatable and sympathetic. Watching their handful of disputes was tough.

Perhaps the most memorable dispute was something that Kara and Guillermo allegedly played up for the camera.

(Production can and will suggest ways to stir the pot when there isn’t enough drama happening organically)

Guillermo wanted a laptop. Kara said that they didn’t have the budget for it, and he could just use hers.

They were both right. Had the conflict been a little more authentic, they could have reached a compromise.

(For the record, Guillermo did get he laptop, though he is busy working these days and might not have time for it)

Still, viewers had concerns about Kara’s controlling nature and how she sometimes sounded harsh while communicating. What changed?

Simply put, the Tell All happened. Kara showed up, arm in arm with Guillermo and sporting a full baby bump.

Seeing them together, without production prompting and minimal editing tricks, really caused viewers to reevaluate her. They were seeing the real Kara, this time months into her marriage.

Thus, the positive replies. By the way, she’s due on November 27!