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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? viewers watched in horror as Big Ed Brown interrogated and insulted Liz Woods.

Fixated upon the belief that Liz is a lesbian, Ed not only ruined their engagement party — he told her that he won’t marry her.

Ed has been alone for so long for a reason. But unfortunately, he’s not done tormenting his quasi-fiancee.

In the preview for Episode 9, we learn that Ed taunted Liz by expressing a desire to sleep with her model friend, Alex.

As the preview for Season 7, Episode 9 shows, Liz is on the verge of tears as she confronts Big Ed about his cruelty.

“You told me when you were drunk the other night,” she begins emotionally.

Liz continues, recalling Ed telling her “that you would rather sleep with Alex and f–k her than me! You said that!”

There are many appropriate responses to having such a hurtful statement repeated to you.

We do not hear any of them from Ed in the teaser.

Instead, he fires back: “And what’d you tell me when you’re drunk?”

Liz cuts him off by answering his question.

“I just said you had a small dick,” she replies, her voice dripping the contempt that he worked so hard to earn.

“That’s what I said,” Liz then confirms.

“Oh, I was probably drunk,” Ed argues back, as if dismissing his hurtful misdeeds.

Just for the record, that is not a defense for saying hurtful things. Most of what people say while drunk are things that they at least think while sober.

Ed then goes on to claim: “I don’t remember anything.”

Ed’s repeated cruelty, manipulative behavior, and humiliating confrontations have clearly taken a toll.

Her voice cracking, her eyes visibly filling with tears, Liz lets him know that.

“It’s not okay!” she asserts. Certainly, she is right. Ed’s behavior is not an acceptable way to treat anyone, let alone your fiancee.

One can only imagine Liz’s emotional pain in this moment.

Meanwhile, we see Big Ed just stand there and look at her in consternation.

While he seems to have embraced his reality TV villain role — which he always was — this season seems to show that he is doubling down.

Obviously, this was part of a teaser, not the episode itself. We should take it with several grains of salt.

Editing plays a heavy role on 90 Day Fiance, but scenes usually make sense in context. With a few unscrupulous exceptions.

With promos for a new episode, context goes out the window. It is a teaser, and it is doing its job of teasing us.

So, who is this person whom Big Ed would apparently prefer to bone over Liz so much that he said it to Liz’s face?

Alex. We’ve met Alex.

She is a model and a friend of Liz’s. In fact, like most of us, she has sounded shocked and horrified by how Ed treats Liz.

We first saw Alex this season when Ed was photographing her.

Ostensibly, he was there to teach Liz how his photography works.

Unfortunately, Ed was clearly more interested in lashing out in insecurity when Liz asked a question. Oh, and in flirting with Alex.

Now, Ed does not stand a snowball’s chance in hell with Alex, which is great news for her.

But unfortunately, between her own emotional vulnerabilities and whatever psychological hooks he has in her, Ed still has Liz wrapped around his finger.

We all miss back when Ed was just a silly man with mayonnaise in his hair. That was before we knew his character. Or what kind of partner he is.