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During the chaos on this weekend’s 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Jenny and Sumit were on their honeymoon.

The two had very loudly enjoyed the hotel amenities before heading out for some outdoor fun.

Through thick and then, the two have enjoyed a healthy sex life. But even good things have room for improvement.

On Episode 5, Sumit had a suggestion for Jenny: that they take Kama Sutra classes to spice things up.

If the bed is a’ rockin’ … what?

Last night, Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh enjoyed their honeymoon suite at the hotel like any other newlyweds would.

True, it has been nearly a decade since she deflowered him. But they still found out just how noisy that bed could get.

Jenny, like so many of us, would like to spend her vacation relaxing at new locations and feeling pampered.

However, Sumit has a different vacation style. He wanted to do something more adventurous.

Sumit mentioned rafting. He also mentioned going on a zipline. That is, to be clear, not one of the small ones from summer camp.

It took some serious convincing before Jenny was willing to take the plunge.

Is it safe? Probably. But just because you know that you’ll survive something doesn’t mean that it’s always worth the terror.

However, after a lot of psyching herself up and allowing Sumit to go first, Jenny went on the zipline.

For Jenny, it ended up being thrilling enough to have been worth it.

The real significance, however, was not about how she felt about it.

Sumit heaped praises on her because he likes that they can sometimes do adventurous things together.

“We match perfectly,” Sumit told Jenny after they were done with their more sporty adventure.

They have a thirty year age gap and very naturally have their own interests.

So of course Sumit was thrilled to see that Jenny is willing to let loose and try something new, even if it’s just to humor him.

Speaking of trying new things … he asked if she was familiar with the Kama Sutra.

Jenny replied in the affirmative — though admittedly it sounded like she said “Karma Sutra” a couple of times.

Sumit suggested that the two of them might try taking Kama Sutra yoga classes in order to broaded their sexual horizons.

Many couples seek to spike up their sex lives, especially when they are just married or when they have been in a relationship for a while.

For Sumit and Jenny, it’s both. After nearly a decade, they are finally able to live as husband and wife.

Sumit hopes that the Kama Sutra could help them attain new plateaus of sex in the bedroom. It’s unclear what he feels that the current shortcomings may be.

Jenny sounds pretty happy with their sex life as is. And she doesn’t have any complaints about his performance.

She is in her sixties, with a lot more sexual experience than Sumit has. In her estimation, she knows enough.

That said, Jenny is keeping an open mind. She told Sumit that she was willing to discuss it later.

Jenny and Sumit then went to a public ceremony, with Jenny remarking about cultural differences.

America’s beautiful pluralism is a source of strength, but it also means that no ceremony is both spiritual and nearly universal.

She resolved to leave behind the bitterness over conflict with Sumit’s toxic family.

However, Jenny surprised Sumit by pointing out the possibilities for their future.

They could get a marital visa for him. If he wanted, they could move together to America.

Sumit felt stunned by the offer. It is not what he wants, for one simple reason.

In Sumit’s eyes, his toxic family — the ones who disowned him — are too important for him to leave them behind.

He feels that, if he moved to another country, he might never get them back.

Jenny, who moved to another country and left her family behind to be with him, has every right to feel weird about that.