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Many of the racist weirdos who hate Meghan Markle without quarter have doubled down recently.

It seems that they have been treating Queen Elizabeth II’s passing as an excuse to renew their harassment campaigns.

Royal speculators have been expecting her to blow a gasket at any moment.

And now, the royal family has publicly demoted the pair … placing them almost as low on the list as the loathsome Prince Andrew.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is seen during The State Funeral Of Queen Elizabeth II at Westminster Abbey on September 19, 2022 in London, England. Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor was born in Bruton Street, Mayfair, London on 21 April 1926. She married Prince Philip in 1947 and ascended the throne of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth on 6 February 1952 after the death of her Father, King George VI. Queen Elizabeth II died at Balmoral Castle in Scotland on September 8, 2022, and is succeeded by her eldest son, King Charles III. (Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

New monarch, new website. Weird that the two coexist at all. It feels anachronistic.

The royal family page underwent an update.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are still listed, alongside their biographies, on the site. But there has been a change.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry mourn Queen Elizabeth II. (Photo via Getty Images)

Now, the Sussex pair are listed wayyyy down towards the end.

They are just above Prince Andrew — who, at least, is now located at the very end of the list.

On the one hand, they are no longer acting members of the royal family.

Meghan & Harry at the Jubilee
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry attended the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this week. And it seems that not everyone in the crowd was thrilled to see the Sussexes.

They are family, but not public agents for the Firm.

On the other … Harry’s father is king. His brother will follow. Harry himself is fifth in line for the throne.

The list is longer than that. The Duchess of Gloucester and the Countess of Wessex are both listed above the Sussexes.

Prince William and Harry
Prince William and Prince Harry don’t get along very well anymore. They may not even be on speaking terms.

It’s weird!

Obviously, it is deeply uncomfortable that Andrew, the late queen’s disgraced son, is listed at all.

That Harry and Meghan are now situated above him. Well, at the risk of reading too much into it, this feels personal.

Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, known as the Duke of Rothesay while in Scotland, during a roundtable with attendees of the Natasha Allergy Research Foundation seminar to discuss allergies and the environment, at Dumfries House, Cumnock on September 7, 2022 in Lanark, Scotland. The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay visit Lanarkshire and the Scottish borders. (Photo by Jane Barlow – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

This was not the case before the UK entered its Charles In Charge era.

During Elizabeth II’s reign, Harry and Meghan appeared on the list before the queen’s first cousins.

The Duke of Kent, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester — they all came after Sussex. Not anymore.

The Hollywood Gossip Logo
Prince Phillip is dead. But he’s pictured here in front of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

So this is a deliberate change.

Either Charles ordered it personally, he approved it, or someone under him did so.

It feels like a deliberate snub. The late queen would not have approved. But do Harry and Meghan care?

Harry, Meghan, William, and Kate mourn the Queen at Windsor Castle.(Photo via Getty Images)

One has to imagine that they are more preoccupied with, you know, things that matter.

Harry and Meghan are both real people, who try to use their platforms for good instead of to act as cartoonish national mascots.

But Harry’s beloved grandmother just passed away. While citizens in nations across the globe celebrated the symbolism of her death, he mourns his very real relative.

The Hollywood Gossip Logo
Prince Harry reportedly hoped that his relationship with Prince William would improve once he moved to America. But a new deal that Harry and Meghan have reached with Netflix seems to have made the situation worse.

We do have to acknowledge that to the Anti-Meghan crowd, this is a victory — and something that they imagine will infuriate her.

One has to understand that, to the frothing racists who see her as the enemy of all that is British, she’s not a person. She’s a caricature. They see her as the villain from a 1990s Mary Kate & Ashley movie.

They are likely picturing her fuming over this superficial demotion. One imagines that she and her husband haven’t even noticed.