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Season 8 of Southern Charm has been full of drama, toxic relationships, and fights between friends.

Is it any surprise that the Reunion is going to be every bit as contentious?

Bravo released a teaser, showing Madison LeCroy stirring the pot as always.

In the Reunion teaser, she claims that Olivia hooked up with disgraced former cast member Thomas Ravenel. Gross!

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The Season 8 Reunion trailer offered us a lot of dramatic moments with basically no context. That’s how teasers work.

But at one moment, Madison dropped a total bombshell about Olivia Flowers.

After the cast acknowledged a lot of overlap in former lovers, Madison commented: “I think Thomas and Olivia, right?”

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Teaser trailers can take things out of context, but it certainly appears that Olivia reacts with outrage and disdain.

“Sorry, did you just pull that out of your fake ass or what?” she asks Madison.

At this point, Madison responds to her by simply quipping that her “ass is actually real.”

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Madison does not provide any evidence or cite a source for why she believes this in the trailer.

Maybe she secretly has receipts. Or perhaps she heard this rumor from a fellow cast member.

But whether it’s true or not, it’s not just messy to share — it’s downright disgusting.

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Thomas Ravenel was arrested for assault and battery in the fall of September 2018. Here is his mug shot.

Thomas Ravenel is more than just a failed politician, a criminal, and a notorious douchecanoe.

Multiple women have also accused him of sexual assault.

Alleged NDAs may conceal an unknown number of accusers, but we know that one set of allegations went to trial.

Thomas Ravenel Snapshot
Thomas Ravenel sits up straight and poses here for a promotional image on behalf of the show Southern Charm.

Thomas’ plea at that assault trial included an admission of guilt.

So it is very safe to say that his nasty behavior on screen and on social media barely scratches the surface of who he is as a person.

To suggest that Olivia hooked up with the guy? Disgusting on multiple levels. Even for Madison.

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Madison has developed a bit of a reputation as a pot-stirrer among the cast members.

Some reality TV personalities run from the “villain” label. They want to be likeable. Most people, deep down, want to be likeable.

Madison did not simply accept the villain mantle. She then proceeded to run with it.

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Of course, Madison may eventually discover that causing problems on purpose loses its charm.

Most of her castmates cause trouble in one way or another — and then apologize for it, because they didn’t mean to.

But when you stir up trouble on purpose, you usually end up needing a very convincing redemption arc sooner or later.

For Kathryn Dennis, that has mostly meant that people just feel sorry for her these days.

Yes, she caused a lot of trouble and strife for people, but then her life went upside down.

Madison may want to figure out where to draw the line before her villain status becomes immutable.