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Ryan Edwards’ behavior has been so horrendous in recent years that many fans probably breathed a sigh of relief when he was fired from Teen Mom OG.

Even after Edwards got sober, he continued to shock viewers with his crude comments and deplorable parenting.

It’s difficult to determine a single low point, but the string of episodes in which Ryan repeatedly bullied his son Bentley certainly stood out to Maci Bookout’s biggest supporters, several of whom demanded that Edwards be let go.

Eventually, those critics got their wish.

Ryan Edwards, On the Mend?

Ryan and his family were fired at Maci’s behest, and while we’re sure Bookout is glad that she no longer has to share screentime with her problematic ex, there are downsides to kicking Ryan off the show, not the least of which is that he’s not living an unsupervised, unstructured life.

Yes, Ryan passed out while driving to his own wedding in full view of MTV cameras.

But since his latest stint in rehab, Teen Mom OG served to hold him accountable in more ways than one.

With the cameras around, Ryan at least pretended to be well-behaved.

And if nothing else, they provided Maci with the opportunity to keep tabs on his behavior.

These days, Ryan has essentially been left to his own devices.

Ryan Edwards in Trump Hat

He’s not active on social media, which means there’s no public record of his activities — a consequence that Maci likely didn’t consider when she asked her bosses to let Ryan go.

“The Edwards were informed that Maci’s reps wanted to go a different direction and showcase all of her abilities,"  a source told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup at the time.

"Maci went to production and explained she wanted her story to cover all the parts of her life and no longer focus on Ryan and his family."

Bookout got her wish, but the situation has left fans clamoring for updates about Ryan.

And unfortunately, those have been hard to come by.

The only source of new information about Ryan these days is his wife, Mackenzie Standifer.

Ryan and Mackenzie in 2021

And Mack has repeatedly demonstrated that she’s 100 percent Team Ryan and will stick by his side no matter how bad things get.

Anyone looking for frequent Ryan updates on Mack’s page is bound to be sorely disappointed, as she hasn’t posted a photo of her husband since July of 2020.

Countless fans have asked Mackenzie if Ryan is still sober, but she ignores the question each and every time.

The Edwards clan is on a vacation in an undisclosed location this week, and Standifer’s most recent pic features some sort of tropical cocktail.

The post left some of her followers concerned, as in the past, Ryan has claimed that he can drink as much as he wants, as alcohol was never his drug of choice.

Needless to say, this has resulted in countless problems.

Ryan Edwards and Family Photo

But just because Mackenzie is enjoying a cocktail, that doesn’t neceassarily mean that Ryan is off the wagon.

However, the comments section serves as a reminder that Ryan and Mackenzie are both widely disliked regardless of their level of intoxication.

"Mmm I wonder who paid for this trip especially since y’all don’t have a source of income and y’all don’t work with the show anymore?!?!?!?!" one follower commented.

Mackenzie and Ryan Edwards Together

"I’m sure the stress w ryan u need a damn vacation," a second added.

"GET out while you can!! Don’t look back!! You can’t help someone if they don’t want it!!!" a third chimed in.

Mackenzie probably doesn’t pay much attention to unsolicited advice from strangers — but in this case, she might want to give it some serious thought.