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On Thursday’s Season 2 premiere of The Kardashians, Khloe Kardashian took center stage.

It was only fair. She was in a crisis.

Khloe was expecting her second child, keeping it a secret, and reeling from Tristan Thompson’s latest betrayal.

After all of that agony, she once again invited Tristan into the delivery room to meet their child right away.

As the premiere began, we saw Khloe Kardashian fight back tears. She was grappling with a monstrous betrayal.

She made the timeline clear: she and Tristan did their embryo transfer just days before Thanksgiving last year.

In the earliest days of December, Khloe learned of his newest child. Tristan, meanwhile, received papers on that pregnancy in early July.

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Pregnancy via gestational carrier can make keeping a pregnancy a secret much easier. Too easy, even.

Unprepared to “hear” from fans and critics, Khloe wasn’t even telling the people at her house.

A sympathetic Kylie offered to order baby furniture for her and keep it in her garage until Khloe was ready to share.

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Khloe’s mother and sisters felt a lot of concern.

She wouldn’t get a re-do on expecting her son. The baby was coming, and Khloe was in a weird emotional situation.

They wanted her to be able to celebrate this. And to let them help by throwing her a baby shower.

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Meanwhile, the family’s feelings about Tristan were … not subtle.

We’re sure that they would have been more blunt if cameras were not rolling. But the vibes were clear regardless.

The enormity of his betrayal — not just cheating, not just fathering another child, but going ahead with Baby #2 — cannot be overstated.

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True, on the other hand, did not understand her father’s scandal or the extremes of his latest betrayal. Because she’s four.

What True does understand (because she is adorable) is that, like her cousin Stormi, she is getting a baby brother.

She does keep blurting out this secret, but that’s fine. Meanwhile, Khloe remains unhealthily hung up on her desire for a picture-perfect nuclear family.

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Kris (spending time at a Beverly Hills condo that she owns to use as a giftwrapping station) had an emotional talk with Khloe.

She pointed out that this time should be among the happiest of Khloe’s life.

Kris is excited to meet her twelfth grandchild. She wants Khloe to be able to celebrate — to let them throw her a party. The momager got her way.

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Expecting a child isn’t all fun and games, though. Even when you’re using a gestational carrier. In fact, there are unique challenges.

Khloe had a natural delivery last time. This time, she turned to Kim for advice on planning a childbirth via surrogate.

Kim offered up advice, talking about COVID precautions and more for when Khloe welcomes her son.

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And yes, Khloe got her baby shower. She looked absolutely gorgeous during it, too.

Kim teared up and gave a speech. Khloe’s friends were there.

It was something that she needed — not for the gifts, necessarily, but to process her feelings instead of bottling them up.

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Khloe’s gestational carrier ended up going into labor earlier than expected.

Kim was Khloe’s ride to the hospital. She also acted as the camera operator.

She was right there in the room to film the delivery, Khloe’s reaction to the delivery, and more.

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We are still not over those nails. Khloe had full on talons for her baby’s birth.

Her son came out looking just like True did at birth. Considering what a cutie she is, that’s great news!

Khloe immediately began bonding with her newborn son.

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Between the early delivery and the COVID precautions, not everyone could be there.

But Kim was.

She got to bond with her newest nephew on the day of his birth. Genuinely adorable.

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Khloe was sure to include others who could not be there.

Like most children, True was not at the hospital for her brother’s birth.

But Khloe did veto True’s suggestion that her brother receive the name “Snowy.”

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Most astonishing to many was that, once again, Khloe invited Tristan to meet his newborn child.

“I’ve been on the fence about letting Tristan come to the hospital or not,” she admitted to the confessional camera.

“But Tristan wants to be here so I just figured, why not let him come?” Khloe reasoned. “I’ll never get this moment back.”

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Khloe wants her children to have a close bond with their father. That is certainly well-intentioned of her.

But her fans certainly would have understood if she had wanted some time before he got to meet their son.

Tristan would have had no one to blame but himself.