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On Sunday’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, most of the couples were deep in conflict.

Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh, however, were still in their honeymoon phase — literally.

The two packed their bags and headed to their beautiful accommodations to celebrate their hard-fought marriage.

Of course, one topic of conversation has the potential to turn their happy trip upside down.

On Season 7, Episode 4 of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Jenny and Sumit were packing.

They were, they explained, at their old place. It’s the address on their visa filing, so they need to stay there for now.

Jenny wasn’t happy to be there. It’s the place where Sumit’s parents disowned him, after all. But it’s a temporary situation.

As for the packing, that was to leave on their honeymoon. Long overdue and well-deserved.

Their destination is Rishikesh, a resort town in the foothills of the Himalayas and not far from the Ganges.

In addition to their hotel stay, they had a host of outdoor activities to which they could look forward.

“We finally just arrived at our resort in Rishikesh and it’s so beautiful,” Jenny narrated to the camera.

She gushed: “I mean you could see the mountains and Ganges. It’s a scene just right out of a Bollywood movie. Really gorgeous.”

Of course, their arrival caused a bit of a stir among the hotel staff.

The concierge was perfectly professional to their faces. To the confessional camera, he was a bit more direct.

“When I saw the guests I was really shocked and surprised as well,” he admitted, “because there was a huge difference in their age.”

He confessed to production: “If I’ll go and marry a lady so much older, my family would not accept this relationship.”

Of course, that is exactly what happened when Sumit told Sahna and Anil, his parents, that he had married Jenny.

His mother had a meltdown. She yelled, insulted him, and cried in despair that her 33-year-old son had married.

Sahna told him to not show up at her home or at any family events, that he was no longer her son. She disowned him.

Back to the present (well, when production filmed this, which was probably late last year), Jenny and Sumit loved their room.

From the rose petals and swan towels in their honeymoon suite to the bathroom, it was all to their liking.

Honestly, the cameras spent so much time dwelling on so many positive details that it felt like a promo. Maybe they received a discount?

“It’s gorgeous, way beyond what I expected,” Jenny praised. “We’re excited to turn up the heat and get this honeymoon started.”

She added: “This is exactly the environment we wanted to be in to decompress and try to figure out what’s next for us.”

Sumit told her: “We are starting a new life together and now as we are married, our relationship is more concrete.”

“But same point of time,” Sumit told her, “there are pressure which I need to handle.”

“Due to COVID-19 or due to other situation, I wasn’t able to go out and work,” he noted. “I do feel that I should work.”

Previously, Sumit and his friend Rohit had a “food business.” Rohit wants to get the ball rolling again after the honeymoon. On some level, so does Sumit.

“Jenny is retired already and she is ready to live life in a retired way basically,” Sumit acknowledged.

He added: “I’m in my 30s and I feel like that I’m productive, I can do a job. I can make money so I should do that.”

His plan to work six days a week did not go over well with Jenny. She wants to see her husband more than that. Hopefully, they can compromise.