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There are few things that Americans can universally agree on these days, particularly in the realm of politics.

But we think everyone can concur that Hunter Biden is not the kind of guy you’d trust to watch your kids for a few hours … or your pets, for that matter.

Don’t get us wrong — the man has been through a lot, and we’re not here to make fun of anyone who has clearly struggled with some severe substance abuse issues.

We’re merely pointing out that Americans from both sides of the ideological spectrum appear to be in agreement that Hunter has some serious problems.

There’s no such consensus, however, on the question of whether or not those problems present a real risk to national security.

Hunter Biden

For years now, the Right has been arguing that the 52-year-old’s international business dealings and proximity to power make his reckless behavior a threat to us all.

To the Left, however, Biden is a ne’er-do-well and an occasional annoyance who’s a threat to his family’s happiness and stability, but little else.

Now, however, New York magazine, which is historically a left-leaning publication, has run a damning cover story about how the content on Hunter’s infamous laptop could have serious ramifications for the entire country.

The president’s ne’er-do-well son is in the press again. And Democrats are concerned about how his behavior might affect midterm elections. (Photo via Getty)

The story begins by asking the reader to put themself in Hunter’s shoes circa — your father is running for president; your part of numerous big-money international business deals

“And imagine that, in the middle of all of this, you lose control of 217 gigabytes of your personal data,” journalists Olivia Nuzzi and Andrew Rice write.

“Videos in which you have sex; videos in which you smoke crack; bleary-eyed selfies; selfies that document your in-progress dental work; your bank statements; your Venmo transactions; your business emails; your toxic rants at family members …”

Hunter Biden has been complicating his father’s career for years. (Photo via Getty)

“Analysis from your psychiatrist; your porn searches; your Social Security number; explicit photos of the many women passing through your bedrooms, photos of your kids, of your father, of life and death, despair and boredom.”

Yes, Hunter really put himself out there.

In fact, at this point, he’s arguably had more of his personal life exposed than any other presidential family member in US history.

Hunter Biden makes an appearance at a Washington event. (Photo via Getty)

But before today, few mainstream media outlets looked at his leaks as anything more consequential than tabloid fodder.

In fact, New York magazine previously ran a piece titled “Trump Tries to Make ‘Laptop From Hell’ the New Hillary Emails. It Won’t Work.”

And when the New York Post first tweeted about the scandal involving Hunter’s laptop, Twitter admins made the surprising decision to suspend the newspaper’s account.

President Joe Biden has the fight of his political life ahead of him. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Several outlets even went so far as to dismiss the leak as part of a Russian disinformation campaign.

“The laptop’s devotees have lately been thrilled by the fact that major news outlets have finally come to the conclusion that it was not a piece of Russian disinformation,” Rice and Nuzzi wrote today.

Nuzzi tweeted that she and Rice researched the laptop, its content, and the cause of the leak for six months before publishing their article.

Hunter Biden at his father’s inauguration. (Photo via Getty Images)

The piece is being treated as a watershed moment in the coverage of this long-simmering scandal, with rightwing outlets such as Fox News praising Rice and Nuzzi for breaking left-leaning media’s self-imposed “code of silence” regarding the story.

The White House has yet to respond to the article, but press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre will likely face more Hunter-related questions before the week is out.

As for what, if any, impact the New York mag piece will have on midterm elections, only time will tell.

But if we had to guess we’d say that GOP candidates in tight races are quite pleased with today’s coverage from this unexpected source.