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In recent months we’ve found out an awful lot about late Playboy founder Hugh Hefner.

And very little of the new information has been flattering.

In fact, much of it has been downright revolting.

Several former wives and girlfriends have come forward to reveal the ways that they were manipulated and abused by Hefner.

The Hollywood Gossip
Hugh in Holly in their TV days. (Photo via E!)

Most of these revelations have come to us courtesy of the “Girls Next Level” podcast, hosted by two exes of Hef’s, Holly Madison and Bridget Marquardt.

And if you’ve been tuning in to hear about the many, many ways in which Hef was a gross dude and an awful partner, Monday’s episode certainly did not disappoint.

Holly kicked things off by revealing that Hugh had an unsanitary habit in the bedroom — one that often led to medical complications for his various partners.

The Hollywood Gossip
Holly Madison is finally speaking out. (Photo via Instagram)

“Hef would use baby oil as lube,” Madison revealed.

“I do not recommend this. It is an infection waiting to happen. It’s disgusting. I don’t know what his hang-up was with it,” Holly continued.

“It took to the point where I was constantly irritated by this baby oil because it throws off your pH, so you’re constantly going to like [having] yeast infections.”

The Hollywood Gossip
Holly went through hell with Hef.(Photo via E!)

Madison went on to reveal that she shared her concerns with her doctor and with Hef — but the latter was unconcerned.

“I remember talking to the gynecologist about it and then telling Hef, ‘You need to stop using baby oil. I can’t use it,’ and even telling him the gynecologist agreed with me, and he would argue with me and be like, ‘Well people use baby oil on babies,’” she recalled.

“And I’m like, ‘Yeah, on their skin. Not internally. You’re not supposed to put it there.’”

Hugh Hefner in a Hat
Hugh Hefner in his signature hat and robe. (Photo via Getty)

The situation got worse from there, as Hef continued to use his choice of lube without Holly’s consent.

“Then it got to the point where I would refuse to use it, but then other people would tell me that he would — in the bedroom — put it on his hand and then out it on me when my back was turned and I didn’t know he was doing it,” she explained.

“Which is so foul and so non-consensual and so gross,” Holly continued.

Holly and Hef Photo
Hugh Hefner and Holly Madison back in their heyday. (Photo via Getty)

“I had forgotten about that for the longest time but I was reminded of it for some reason and it made me angry all over again.”

Holly and Bridget recalled that they were required to have sex with Hefner during their time in his home, and he kept close track of how often they had relations.

“The black book kept track of a few different things,” Marquardt shared.

“It kept track of when somebody collected their allowance. He would mark it off so you couldn’t ask for it twice,” she added.

The Hollywood Gossip
The Girls Next Door was a Hef-based reality show starring Holly Madison, Kendra Wilkinson and Bridget Marquardt.

“It also kept track of who slept with him and when.”

According to Madison, the women who lived in the Playboy Mansion felt that having sex with Hefner was a “chore” that they tried to check off “as quickly as possible.”

And it sounds like Hef did everything he could to make the experience as traumatic as possible.