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TLC has released the official network synopsis for Sister Wives Season 17.

And while press releases of this nature often traffic in exaggeration and an abundance of misplaced hype, fans of this long-time reality show know the truth:

There’s no way to oversell what’s about to go down.

Things really have changed THAT much for Kody Brown and company since Season 16 wrapped of shoooting.

Most notably, of course, Christine Brown walked away from her spiritual marriage in November.

As previewed in an explosive Sister Wives trailer, viewers will be taken behind the scenes of this monumental decision on Season 17.

For twelve years, dedicated fans have followed the highs and lows between Kody Brown and his four wives – Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn – as they’ve expanded their family and celebrated life’s big moments from birthdays to weddings and babies, opens the TLC description.

This season, Sister Wives takes a dramatic and emotional turn, as Christine leaves Kody and changes the dynamic of this polygamist family forever.

“I have decided to leave. I’m gonna leave Kody,” Christine says simply in a confessional teased in the aforementioned video.

She even admits to a major reason why, bringing up a fellow sister wife in this context for the first time we can recall.

“To Kody, Robyn [Brown]’s more important,” Christine states.

She later tells Kody: “It’s been heartbreaking being your wife for years.”

Last year, Christine kicked Kody out of her home, which was one of the hardest things she has ever done, continues this synopsis.

But now, formally putting an end to their marriage turns out to be even harder. And when she has to tell her sister wives and her children, nobody takes it well.

She is determined to move to Utah to be with her older children but when Kody tries to stop her, Christine calls him out for favoring one wife and her children, over all the others.

The stresses multiply as people begin to take sides.

Sister Wives Season 17 kicks off in September 2022. Here is a look at the very first poster in anticipation of new and exciting episodes.

Over the past few months, Christine has expressed no regrets at all about her departure.

She recently sold her section of Coyote Pass back to her ex-husband for just $10.

Still, in the trailer we keep referencing, Kody is IRATE

“You never tried to have a really good relationship with these people and that’s the reason I’m pissed off,” Kody screams at Christine as Robyn and Janelle Brown look on, adding:

“Man, just the knife in the kidneys over all these years.”

Kody Brown on a Sister Wives Episode
Kody Brown does not look happy in this photo, does he? Like… not one bit.

As it turns out, meanwhile, Christine versus Kody won’t be the only issue facing this family on Season 17.

And on top of it all, COVID is still a major issue for the Brown family, as first, Janelle and her children test positive and later, Kody, Robyn and their kids face their own struggles during the pandemic, continues the description.

When Christine’s daughter Mykelti gives birth, she invites some of the sister wives to be part of it, but not others and her choices are surprising.

In conclusion, according to TLC

Without talking to Kody, Janelle buys a giant RV and moves onto their undeveloped Coyote Pass property as she is desperate to get construction started on their homes.

This season will see the family divided like never before, leaving one thing for certain: the Browns will never be the same.

Sister Wives Season 17 premieres at 10/9c on Sunday, September 11 on TLC.