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Her acting and music alone are enough for us all to love Selena Gomez.

But she is also a fundamentally good person, in big ways and in small ways.

Fresh off of turning 30 and being snubbed by Emmy nominations in the same month, Selena has a message.

It’s a body-positive message, and some people clearly need to hear it.

“Vaca self,” Selena Gomez playfully captioned her TikTok video. Vaca means “cow.”

In the video itself, Selena is lounging while lipsyncing to dialogue from another TikTok.

That is how that platform works. It’s not just music, folks.

“Suck it in,” says one voice in the audio.

Selena lipsyncs along with the reply, seemingly declaring: “I’m not sucking s–t in!”

When the first voice demands to know “why,” Selena gestures to her torso while she continues to lipsync.

“Real stomachs is coming the f–k back, okay?” the voice, with Selena’s lips moving in stride, declares.

Of course, all stomachs are “real.” And the audio refers to tissues like fat and skin in the torso.

However, the core message — that people are allowed to simply exist and have bodies as they are — is a good one.

Selena Gomez Music Video Still
Selena Gomez shared a snippet from her new music video on Instagram. Here’s a photo from it.


Another commenter praised: “You’re probably the best role model tbh, ily selena.”

“You make me feel comfortable in my own skin,” another confessed while using the pleading eyes emoji.

Gomez, Selena Photo
Selena Gomez looking as gorgeous as ever. Not that we’re surprised.

“Feeling confident and being comfortable in your own skin is what makes you beautiful,” affirmed another.

That same commenter added that they “Love this.”

We all love this. And not only because the very casual message is a popular one.

Selena Gomez Makes a Kissy Face
Selena Gomez made a kissy face, but directed it away from the camera. That is very tasteful, as some of her followers are minors.

Sometimes, the messenger matters almost as much as the message itself.

For years, so many of us have heard powerful body-positive messages, particularly from plus size models.

But sometimes a dose of reality from a legendary hottie can reach a different audience. That matters.

As someone recovering from disordered eating explained to me years ago, some people can’t “hear” most body-positive messages.

Someone in a grips of an anxiety disorder about their body feels overwhelmed with fear of losing “control.”

Disordered eating gives them a false sense of control. Listening to plus size heroes won’t change that.

Selena Gomez at 2019 AMAs
You go, Selena Gomez! The younger singer is literally falling out of this very sexy number. This may end up keeping many young men up at night.

A dose of reality from someone who they know meets conventional Western beauty standards can make a difference.

This doesn’t just apply to people with ED. Anyone can struggle with body issues.

If you already consider someone a regulation hottie and then they show a more “honest” look at their body, it can be a wakeup call.

Selena Issues a Warning
Selena Gomez is generating a ton of controversy with her latest TikTok post. The singer appears to be sharing advice with Justin Bieber’s wife, Hailey Baldwin.

Selena is famous and wealthy and beloved. If she wanted to, she could only let people see her at her “best.”

We love the sentiment behind her simple little TikTok. Clearly, her followers did, too.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled griping about how the Emmy’s snubbed her over Only Murders In The Building.