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Welcome to Plathville Season 4 came to an end this Tuesday night.

And along with it?

The once-close friendship between Moriah Plath and Olivia Plath may have come to an end as well.

As dedicated viewers of this reality show know well, Moriah is the brother of Ethan Plath; and Olivia is his wife.

The stars are sisters-in-law, but they might as well be sisters, with Moriah having moved in with Olivia and Ethan months ago and with the two women in this arrangement often going on vacation together and enjoying each other’s company in a variety of ways.

They’ve been very close for a long time.

HOWEVER, Olivia is estranged from Moriah’s parents and she embarrassed herself tremendously on a recent Welcome to Plathville episode, breaking down and causing a scene at a memorial for Moriah’s brother, who died as a child in 2008.

“Today I have officially reached my breaking point with all of this drama,” Moriah said in an interview on this July installment, referring to Olivia whatever transpired.

“I am so done. I am so over it. I’m just tired of fragile relationships.

“If you have to constantly walk on eggshells around somebody’s feelings, if you spend three to four years of your life trying to make that person happy and then you make one decision that doesn’t make ’em happy and it affects your whole relationship?

“That’s not a true friend.”

A week later, on the Season 4 finale, Olivia actually spoke to mother-in-law Kim for the first time in years.

In response, she told Moriah:

“I’m really sorry that I added a cloud. I’m honestly trying, and I’m going to f— up, but I’m trying.”

All was all that ended well, in that case? Not quite.

On her Instagram Stories Tuesday night, Moriah shared a quote from what she cited was @selflessquotes. It reads as follows:

you cannot heal a person who keeps using their pain as an excuse to hurt you. READ THAT AGAIN.

She didn’t cite Olivia by name, as you can see below.

But it seems pretty clear exactly to whom and to what Moriah is referring, right?

Shortly afterward, Olivia appeared to clap back.

“The energy you surround yourself with, the people you allow access to you, and the environments that you linger in, will indefinitely determine the way you experience life,” her post read.

“It is your responsibility to constantly evaluate whether your surroundings are inspiring you to become a better person or requiring you to dim your light.”

Some observers think Olivia was talking about Kim Plath here, not Moriah.

We can’t say for certain, that’s for sure.

But whether the quote is directed at Moriah or at Kim?

Two thing are clear:

Christmas at the Plaths will be awkward this year; and season five of Welcome to Plathville won’t be lacking for drama.