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Earlier this summer, Emily Ratajkowski dumped Sebastian Bear-McClard.

Every report accuses Sebastian of cheating. So does Emily, it seems, given her social media activity.

It turns out that Sebastian’s bad behavior may not have been limited to betraying his wife.

A new report says that Sebastian is no longer at his company — that “complaints” led to his firing.

Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear on Instagram
Emily Ratajkowski and Sebastian Bear-McClard look very cozy as newlyweds in this post captioned: “At the function.”

Page Six reports that Sebastian Bear-McClard was canned from Elara Pictures, which he helped to found.

Allegedly, this was over “complaints about his behavior.”

Notably, this happened last month, around the time that Emily Ratajkowski decided to divorce him.

Emily Ratajkowski, Husband
Emily Ratajkowski is a married woman. She’s pictured here with Sebastian Bear-McClard.

Sebastian insists that this is not true.

“I’m an owner of the company, I’m not an employee,” he told Page Six in response.

He claimed: “I’m taking some time off from work to deal with my mother’s health and the well being of my family.”

Emily Ratajkowski, Dog Selfie
Emily Ratajkowski took a break from glamour and modeling to look lovely in this precious, dog-inclusive selfie.

In July, the world learned that Emily was divorcing Sebastian.

It’s not just that he allegedly cheated on her once.

Allegedly, he is a “serial cheater,” having stepped out on their marriage more than once.

Emily Ratajkowski Cleavage Selfie
Emily Ratajkowski is a strong proponent of body positivity, which means owning your sexuality and showing as much or as little as you like.

Emily herself liked a tweet that read: “Can’t believe that little bitch cheated on emrata.”

Oh, mood.

She has not spoken directly about his alleged cheating. But those social media likes seem like the next best thing to confirmation.

Emily Ratajkowski Reflects in a Yellow Dress
Emily Ratajkowski looks beautiful wearing this yellow dress in this photo, but she looks even lovelier in the mirror.

As so many of us recall, Emily and Sebastian had been friends for years before their sudden marriage in February 2018.

However, they had only been dating for … two weeks.

Just over three years later, they welcomed their baby, Sylvester.

Emily Ratajkowski and Sylvester
Emily Ratajkowski has welcomed her first child. The model and actress made the announcement on Instagram this week.

Reports say that Sebastian has been groveling in an attempt to convince Emily to give him another chance.

Fortunately, it does not sound like she’s going to give him his wish.

And the initial cheating incident that she discovered is not the only reason that she’s not looking to reconcile.

Emily Ratajkowski, Looking Hot in a White Bikini
Emily Ratajkowski looks stunning as usual in this relatively simple white bikini that contrasts beautifully with her copper skin. Good for her.

Allegedly, Emily looked into things and discovered that Sebastian’s bad behavior extended to more than she had realized.

That is all very vague … but we have to wonder. What is this all about?

Companies almost never fire people for cheating. Especially not company founders.

Emily Ratajkowski: Epic Cleavage
Emily Ratajkowski and her famous boobs. Need we say more?

It is possible that Sebastian’s firing (which he denies) stemmed from behaviors that made Emily double down on divorce.

Or it could be unrelated.

A company and a wife can both decide that they want nothing to do with a dude for entirely different reasons.

Emily has not confirmed anything about Sebastian, but she hasn’t been inactive on social media.

She’s still posting selfies. Folks, her selfies are still ab-tastic.

Sebastian will likely spend the rest of his life regretting a number of poor choices.