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Based on a brand new development, it may be back to the polygamous drawing board for Garrick Merrifield and his wife, Danielle Merrifield.

Last we saw this Seeking Sister Wife couple, they had touched down in Brazil in order to spend time with Roberta Pache.

As loyal viewers of this TLC reality series know well, the Merrifields have been trying to get Roberta to settle down in the United States with them for awhile now.

And as viewers of that episode in particular know well, Garrick slept with Roberta during his visit to her native country.

He also confirmed toward the end of the installment that Roberta was planning to relocate to Colorado and build a life as the third member of the Merrifield household.

But we now have reason to think this will no longer be the case.

According to Roberta’s Instagram page, she’s no longer following the Merrifields.

Moreover, the reality star does now follow an account that hints at her “escaping polygamy.”

Welcome... Lea?!?

Really makes you think and wonder, doesn’t it?

Escaping Polygamy is a Lifetime Network show that follows three sisters, Andrea, Jessica, and Shanell Kingston, all of whom escaped a cult known as “The Kingston Clan.”

Throughout the latest season of Seeking Sister Wife, Roberta has at times expressed excitement over coming to America — but at other times expressed reticence over Danielle trying to court a woman named Lea.

Ever since filming stopped on Season 4, viewers have been wondering where Roberta has gone because it’s pretty clear she never made it to Colorado.

Now, perhaps, we know.

She simply thought better of the situation and remained in Brazil.

Garrick met this potential spouse on a polygamist dating site and even divorced Danielle soon afterward in order to help Roberta earn a K-1 Visa and legally enter the United States.

He even talked openly at one point about wanting to have a baby with Roberta.

Dannielle, whoo was married to Garrick for a dozen years before their divorce, confessed last year that she’s had her doubts about… all of this.

“I do want to be supportive and I know the goal is for Garrick and Roberta to ultimately start a family together” she said on air in 2021.

“But with the pandemic going on and also communication with Roberta being very spotty [as she remains in Brazil], yeah — I don’t know.”

Makes perfect sense to us. And to most people, we’d imagine.

Garrick & Dannielle Merrifield

As for the addition of Lea?

“Roberta has been very insecure and jealous,” Dannielle said a short while back on a Season 4 episode of Roberta’s reaction to yet another woman getting brought into the picture.

Added Lea herself back then:

“Me and Bert’s relationship right now isn’t great. It’s definitely something we’re going to have to work through. It’s going to take time.”

Or maybe that time has come and gone, and there’s no longer a concern.