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Love him, hate him or have mixed feelings about him, one thing can be said for certain about Nate Mitchell:

He made quite the impression as a suitor on The Bachelorette this season.

The one-time frontrunner was sent packing last week by Gabby Windey, as tears were shed at the time by both the show’s co-lead and the man she decided was NOT husband material.

In response to his elimination, Mitchell jumped on Instagram and took the very high road.

Nate Mitchell became a fan favorite as a contestant on The Bachelorette. Will Gabby regret not picking him?

“I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have shared this experience with you,” he wrote as a caption to the following image.

“You are truly an amazing person both inside and out.

“From seeing you light up every room you inhabit to the convos that would bring us both to tears, there is not a moment spent with you that I would take back.

“I am forever going to be in your corner and I pray that you find the person that loves you how you deserve to be loved. I strive to become a better person each and every day.

“My journey continues…”

So there’s that sweet side of Nate Mitchell.

But, previous to this message and prior to his on-air departure, Nate was accused of cheating.

A woman named Kelsey Fankhauser told Bachelorette Spoilers Guru Reality Steve that she dated Nate for 18 months… and that Mitchell kept the existence of his daughter from her the entire time.

She also said that another woman reached out to her toward the end of her relationship and said she had been sleeping with Mitchell.

“I wish Nate all the best,” Fankhauser said at the time. “I don’t want to affect his future, but it’s important for me to try and prevent another girl from being blindsided by his secrecies.”

Nate fired back at this allegation by simply writing “Two sides to every story [prayer emoji] wish u the best,” while Gabby leaped to his defense.

““I’ll always have his back 100 percent. He was nothing but good to me,” the ICU nurse told Extra on Wednesday, August 24.

“When we met, he really was a role model for a lot of the guys and stood up for me and stood up for what he believed in, so I have a hard time knowing that person, thinking anything else about him, no matter what comes out online.”

Nate Mitchell is quite the polarizing suitor on The Bachelorette, having been accused of dating two women at once prior to his time on the show.

As for what the future holds for Nate?

Some Bachelor Nation residents think he’s at least a contender to be named The Bachelor because franchise creator Mike Fleiss took the unusual step this month of speaking out on behalf of Mitchell.

“Don’t jump to conclusions about certain cast members based on mere allegations, as disturbing as they may be,” the producer wrote at the time.

“I beg you to wait until all the facts come out before making any judgments.”

From there, Fleiss went ahead and fueled speculation with a separate Twitter post.

“OK, so who should we pick as your next #TheBachelor ???” he tweeted a few days ago.

Replied at least one user:

Tell us you are planning to make Nate the bachelor without telling us you are planning to make Nate the bachelor.

Is ABC planning on this? Should ABC be planning on this?

We’ll find out in just a few weeks!