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For Olivia and Kim Plath, absence does not appear to have made any hearts grow any fonder.

On Tuesday night’s season finale of Welcome to Plathville, the stars exchanged their first words after YEARS of silence, reuniting after all this time for a family outing.

The meet-up came in the wake of Olivia causing a major scene at a memorial for Kim’s late son, Joshua, who died as a child in 2008.

How did things go?


Not horribly or especially notably, we suppose, as Olivia and her mother-in-law mostly just said hello to each other and moved along.

“I want to understand why Olivia does not like my parents and why it’s taking her so long for her to get over whatever hurt her,” Micah Plath said in a confessional on the episode.

“Because I don’t understand that still.

“And I feel like I was patient and understanding for forever, and I still try to be, but, at this point, it’s like you’re holding your husband from seeing his parents. You’re not talking with him over certain things that he’s making progress on.

“You’re just avoiding everything and in my opinion, that’s not good.”

We, of course, have documented the awkward history between Olivia and Kim, which goes back to when the latter tried to take over the former’s wedding.

In her own confessional on the finale, Olivia explained that her relationship with Kim began when she was just 16 years old… and while they once were like “best friends,” things took a turn after Olivia married Ethan in 2018.

“I started to realize that I was just being used,” Olivia said on air.

“I felt like I was only of value to her if I did what she wanted me to do.

“I will never forget marrying a 20-year-old man who his mom was using his credit card and buying things for herself and not paying him back.”

After Olivia and Kim exchanged their VERY quick pleasantries on the trip to Tampa, Kim seemed thrilled with how everything went.

“It’s amazing,” she said to the camera. “Olivia’s here, I said hi to her and she said hi back. I mean, like, that’s huge. That’s never happened.”

Olivia, meanwhile, said the following to Moriah:

“I’m really sorry that I added a cloud. I’m honestly trying, and I’m going to f— up, but I’m trying.”

So… pretty solid overall, right? A somewhat happy ending to the season?

Not quite.

Olivia took to Instagram after the finale aired and certainly appeared to take some shots at her infamous in-law.

“The energy you surround yourself with, the people you allow access to you, and the environments that you linger in, will indefinitely determine the way you experience life,” opened her post.

It then concluded as follows:

“It is your responsibility to constantly evaluate whether your surroundings are inspiring you to become a better person or requiring you to dim your light.”

The final moments of the Season 4 finale saw the entire Plath family hitting the water, together… full of smiles.

But this episode was filmed a long time ago.

It’s pretty clear at this point that only dark clouds are ahead for Olivia and Kim.