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Just because Yvette Arellano is done with Mohamed Abdelhamed doesn’t mean that the drama is over.

90 Day Fiance fans saw Mohamed’s cheating texts nearly a month before they aired at the Tell All.

Since then, we learned of Yve’s domestic battery charge (though fans wonder if this will amount to anything).

Now, Mohamed is accusing Yve of being the cheater … and trying to push his side of the story.

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Yve disagrees, telling him delicately that some of the things that he wants were not clear before he moved. Having seen him chastise her for talking to the plumber one-on-one and then for wearing a short jacket over her dress, that much is clear.

Early this week, Mohamed Abdelhamed took to his Instagram Story with an odd claim.

“A lot of people asking, why I’m not saying my part of the story,” he began.

Mohamed alleged: “That’s because I was trying my best to end my relationship with respect, that’s all.”

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Apparently, they had a huge fight late in the summer and went a couple of days without speaking because Yvette ended up wearing a bikini while on a family trip, because she did not have a one-piece. Mohamed, who first reached out to her after seeing a pic of her in a bikini, had extracted a promise from her that she would not wear bikinis anymore. Yve felt that him wigging out about her wearing one out of necessity on a family trip was unfair, while Mohamed feels that he’s being reasonable and she’s backtracking on her promises to change for him.

That certainly sounds … nice. Potentially respectful, even.

But is it true?

Several fans have suggested a couple of alternative explanations.

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The first is speculation that Mohamed may have simply been trying to get his story straight.

Initially, he likely did not know how many details would emerge about his cheating.

After all, when the Tell All aired, no one had a clue. That news only broke in late July.

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Mohamed Abdelhamed allegedly sent a series of texts to a mysterious other woman, promising to leave his wife as soon as his green card is secure.

Mohamed carried on his text affair for months, promising to keep this mistress “in bed for days” when they met.

He told her that he would not, could not stay married to Yvette. They discussed plans to get his green card before leaving her.

Yve had changed her diet, her drinking, and her wardrobe to please him. Still, it wasn’t enough for him.

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He has cultural values from how he grew up, but it sounds like he’s hoping that Yve will not just do these things to comfort him, but to adjust herself to adopting his faith as her own.

The other explanation is that Mohamed is trying to say as little as possible.

At this point, he may be concerned about his documentation. He could also be worried about other side pieces coming forward.

Many eyes are following his every post. Sharing too much could come back to bite him.

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All of the couples on Season 9 married before the end of the season.

Yve and Mohamed are the first confirmed split of the bunch.

90 Day Fiance fans are wondering … which couple is next?