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If you’ve been watching the current season of Jersey Shore, you know that most of (all of?) the drama has revolved around Angelina Pivarnick and her messy divorce.

(Watching Jerry Springer plot his escape from the Meatballs’ she-shed is entertaining, and all, but that’s comedy, not drama.)

We now know that Angelina cheated on Chris Larangeira several times with several different guys.

And we might not have known that had it not been for the detective work of Mike Sorrentino.

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Mike and Angelina are enemies at the shore. (Photos via Getty)

Yes, Mike has lived up to his new nickname — “the Situation” has become “the Investigation” — quite a lot this season.

Some viewers think Mike has been inappropriately nosy in recent episodes, but he defended his decision to involve himself in Angelina’s drama during a recent interview with Us Weekly.

“I had a tough choice to make this season because I felt that I saw one of my castmates being really messy, in my opinion,” he told the outlet.

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Mike Sorrentino has been stirring up major drama. (Photo via MTV)

“Do I bring up some accountability there? And I chose that I had to. … Maybe at the end of the day, if I didn’t get involved, you wouldn’t have a good TV show.”

Mike also noted that he likely would not have involved himself in the situation (no pun intended) were it not for the fact that he and Angelina are both reality TV stars.

“In normal life, you would not get involved in a divorce. You just wouldn’t,” he told Us.

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Feuding castmates. (Photos via MTV)

“But because we’re so close as friends and we’re on a TV show, I had to figure out how to navigate those messy streets.”

Mike’s investigations had to do not only with Angelina’s cheating, but also with Larangeira’s claim that it was Pivarnick who leaked the footage of her castmates’ controversial bridesmaids’ toast at her wedding.

“In one day I had the husband, the side piece and the side piece’s best friend all call me with very similar stories that she was being really, really messy and not being very truthful to us or to anyone,” Sorrentino explained.

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Mike Sorrentino has been stirring the pot on Jersey Shore this season. But he swears he’s not to blame! (Photo via MTV)

“And I was like, ‘Oh my God, what am I gonna do here?’ … If you hang around clowns, don’t be surprised your life becomes a circus.”

The beef between Mike and Angelina began to develop last season, and it came to ahead back in July, when Sorrentino defended himself in the comments of a post from the official Jersey Shore Instagram page.

“She has the condition known as liabetes. She lies more then she tells the truth and that’s facts. It is what it is,” he wrote.

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Mike poses with his wife and son. (Photo via Instagram)

“Don’t fall for the trap of someone playing the victim in a storm they created. She’s just mad she got caught. Stop deflecting! I said what I said. Rant over,” he wrote.

Never one to back down from a fight, Angelina was quick to defend herself.

“It’s pretty sad Mike didn’t come to me first to tell me my sabotaging, scorned, double life ex-husband was calling him and this was all happening behind my back,” she replied.

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Angelina has been at the center of a firestorm of drama. (Photo via MTV)

“Pretty sad all while I was very stressed out and going through it alone,” she wrote.

Based on Mike’s comments, we’d say he and Angelina are in a slightly better place than they were last month.

But Angeliners probably still wishes that Mike would go ahead and retire his Investigation persona.