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Back in 2018, Meghan Markle married Prince Harry in a ceremony that was watched by tens of millions of television viewers worldwide.

The wedding was stripped down by royal standards, but still quite lavish by any other metric.

In the weeks that followed, journalists and amateur royal watchers alike obsessed over every detail.

But it seems there’s one moment that escaped just about everyone’s notice until now — or at least that’s what one self-proclaimed “journalist” would have us believe.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry: The Best Reactions to the Royal Wedding!

As you may have heard an author named Tom Bower has released a scathing book about Meghan and Harry entitled book, Revenge: Meghan, Harry and the war between Windsors.

This is the book that has high-ranking royal officials predicting that Harry and Meghan’s marriage will end in tears.

It’s the one that has Harry’s friends warning him not to marry Meghan.

It’s the one that whose author admitted that his goal in writing it was to bring about Meghan’s downfall.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in UK
Photo via Getty

So it’s not surprising that Bower is promoting his 540-page hit piece by talking still more trash about Meghan.

“A military man told me an extraordinary story about Meghan when she arrived at the wedding at Windsor Castle on that glorious day in 2018,” Bower said in a recent podcast interview.

“You see her get out of the car unaccompanied and she has problems with the train of her dress and the army officer doesn’t step forward to help her,” he continued.

“And the reason is, is the day before in the rehearsal, she had been very rude to him so he thought ‘well I’m not going to help you today.'”

Meghan and Harry's Second Outfits
Meghan and Harry on their way to their wedding reception. Meg’s second outfit was a hit with critics.

Bower added that Meghan’s veil was also twisted due to a lack of support getting out of her vehicle.

He then reiterated that these accounts did not come to him a firsthand source, saying:

“I didn’t get the story from him but a fellow officer of his, who explained what had happened.”

The New Duchess
How totally adorable is Meghan Markle? This photo was snapped of her about a month after her wedding.

Perhaps feeling that not enough shade had been thrown, Bower went on to claim that Meghan and Harry were not actually friends with any of the celebrities who attended their wedding.

“Thomas Markle told me that he knew the people at the wedding better than Meghan because he had filmed with them all at ABC and other studios,” the author said.

“Meghan didn’t know Oprah at all. She’s met her once for a few minutes,” he continued.

Markle Waves
Meghan Markle is wearing a ring in this photo that was once owned by Princess Diana. Rather cool of her, huh?

“She didn’t know George Clooney, that was passing once they’d met.”

Bower went on to speculate that Meghan invited all those A-listers in hopes of doing some networking at her own wedding.

“It was all for her future. She used the wedding to build up her career for when she returned to Hollywood,” he said.

Meghan Markle on Wedding Day
Meghan Markle was a vision on her wedding day, wasn’t she? Just check out this photo of the absolute beauty.

Well, we don’t know if Meghan was friends with Oprah and the Clooneys at that point, but we guess all that networking paid off!

Hell, not everyone gets an assist from Oprah when they want to talk a little trash about their in-laws!