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Matt Roloff is coping the best he can at the moment.

The Little People, Big World star lost his father just under a month ago, writing on Instagram at the time:

“A sad week for the Roloff Family.. my dad… affectionately known as ‘papa’ to his 10 grandchildren and his 10 great grandkids peacefully went home to be with his Lord and Savior yesterday evening.

“Ron was an amazing Husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather and inspiration to many.”

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Matt Roloff is pictured here alongside his mother. The reality star lost his father in the summer of 2022.

Now, in a follow-up post, Roloff has expressed appreciation to his fans and supporters, while also providing an update about his mom.

“You realize there are still many many positive people out there ..and lots of hope for society when your gate agent And your flight attendant ask….. “How’s your mother doing?” … as I board my 4th flight in 3 weeks…” wrote Matt as a caption to the photos above and below.

“They’ve seen me going back and forth to AZ more than normal…”

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Along this same personal line, the father of four continued:

“Obviously, we all are missing my father and she’s still adjusting to doing things on her own after 63 years of having him by her side..

“but she has a lot of new friends that are dealing with all the same issues and challenges so she definitely is not alone.

“She’s surrounded by constant love and support. and many new and very close friends.”

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Matt has been away from his farm on a number of occasions this month due to this tragedy.

He’s yet to find a buyer for the 16 acres he put up for sale back in May, but explained in this same post that the property is being well cared-for.

“I’m feeling good knowing that I can hop a plane and leave the farm in great hands with Jacob, Jason, Nico, and the team back in Oregon,” the TLC personality wrote.

“I’m blessed to be able to visit my mother and help her through this transitional time.”

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In 2021, Ron Roloff was diagnosed with CLL blood cancer, for which he eventually underwent treatment.

In Matt’s August 1 Instagram post, he said his dad “literally loved people and anyone who ever came in contact with him knows that!

“His love for Jesus was so evident throughout his entire life and certainly in his final hours.”

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As he looks ahead to a new season of Little People, Big World, Roloff took an extra moment this weekend to thank viewers of the popular program.

“Thank you all for all the kind, love, cards and words of support,” the family patriarch said.

We continue to send our best wishes to Matt, his mother and all of their loved ones.