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Mackenzie McKee has given fans a major cause for concern.

The veteran Teen Mom OG star announced a couple weeks ago that her marriage is over — yes, she claims, for real this time… following numerous other instances of McKee alleging she was done with her husband, Josh.

“Sometimes things work and sometimes, no matter how hard you fight, it just doesn’t work out,” the mother of three wrote on Instagram.

“I am breaking my silence about Josh and I being done…It’s time for me to find my happy.”

The estranged spouses are parents to Gannon, 10, Jaxie, 8, Broncs, 5.

They’ve separated on more than one occasion in the past and each has confessed to cheating on the other.

Was yet another instance of infidelity to blame for this impending divorce?

“Was I a perfect wife?” McKee told Celebuzz, tip-toeing around this subject. “No. But I’m also not pretending that Josh was a good husband.”

McKee hasn’t come out and told fans exactly what transpired between her and Josh, but she did continue in this Celebuzz interview:

“Us women do not leave until we are ready. Until we can wake up, notice the coffee don’t smell right, and something is off.

“That was my marriage.”

McKee has since embraced her single status, making it clear in a recent Instagram photo that she’s excited to hook up with someone new.

Mackenzie McKee: Selfie with Kids!
Mackenzie McKee snaps a selfie here with her cheating husband and kids. Cute family picture.

However, while McKee may be looking forward to a trip to Pound Town with some rando from a club, all does not appear to be perfect in her life.

Just consider a recent Tweet.

“[My] sister and her husband drove 18 hours to see me and check on me,” she wrote last Thursday.

“I have the best people in my corner.”

Mackenzie McKee as an OG
Mackenzie McKee is featured in this scene from an episode of the MTV series Teen Mom OG.

This is great to hear and this is very important for anyone going through a break-up.

But why did Mackenzie need her sibling to travel EIGHTEEN HOURS to see her?!?

That’s what many concerned followers are now wondering.

“It’s good to have people in your corner who will do that, I’ll give her that. But Mack, babe, it’s not good to be in that place,” wrote one worried Reddit user, while another added:

“That’s a personal red flag.”

Mackenzie McKee as a Teen Mom
Mackenzie McKee looks on in slight annoyance and/or confusion in this photo from a Teen Mom episode.

She may have just been talking a good game at the time, but McKee actually sounds reasonable and well-grounded in the aforementioned Celebuzz feature.

“Do I regret this decision? No. Not at all,” she concluded last month.

“It’s hard leaving and becoming a single mom. But it’s harder staying and living the only days God gave me being told by someone I loved I was nothing in this life.

“I love Joshua as my kids father and will respect him as that from here on.”