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It is no secret that Jennette McCurdy’s Nickelodeon stardom was not a happy time for her.

For years, her late mother was sexually abusing her. Jennette also felt exploited during her iCarly fame.

Her memoir, I’m Glad My Mom Died, seemingly accuses series creator Dan Schneider of misconduct.

Is he the unnamed “creator” who pressured her to drink alcohol during a swimsuit photoshoot?

30-year-old Jennette spent the bulk of her adolescence and early adulthood as a Nickelodeon star.

She had so much to say about her life, her time on iCarly and Sam & Cat, and more that it’s hard to single out one topic.

But what she wrote about one jarring behind-the-scenes experience sounds both alarming and downright illegal.

Jennette wrote about how she felt “exploited.” Sometimes, it was unconscious or unintentional.

Other times, it was not.

One could argue that almost every child actor is exploited. That’s not necessarily inaccurate.

But Jennette’s experiences went beyond child labor and long work hours and “stage parenting.”

In her book, she refers to an unnamed authority figure only as “the creator.”

According to Jennette, this person once pressured her to drink alcohol on set.

The context makes things both better and worse than they might be otherwise.

On the positive side, they were not alone. Jennette was being photographed. Her mother was present.

On the negative side of things, Jennette was being fitted for swimwear at the time. And she was likely not of drinking age.

Jennette McCurdy: Dissing Ariana Grande?

iCarly ended when Jennette was 20 years old.

Though she did go on to join Sam & Cat, costarring alongside Ariana Grande as the titular characters, the spinoff was short-lived.

And even if this moment happened during the narrow window of her career when Jennette was 21, no one should feel pressured to drink.

“The Creator” might not have a name in Jennette’s book or interviews.

But iCarly, Victorious, and Sam & Cat, alongside other Nickelodeon live-action hits, sprang from the mind of Dan Schneider.

It certainly appears that Jennette is suggesting that he was the culprit. That said, she did not name the person.

Jennette McCurdy at Billboard Music Awards
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What is interesting about Schneider is that, for years, there have been very odd rumors about him.

Some things are probably true — stories about him pitching fits at the network when he doesn’t get his way.

And either the man has a “thing” for feet or a lot of scenes in his shows are a weird coincidence.

Other rumors have accused Schneider of some sort of vague sexual misconduct.

To be clear, no one has actually come forward — even anonymously — to publicly accuse him of sexual wrongdoing.

Many actors who worked with him will take photos with him, including successful stars with no need to “play nice.”

Jennette McCurdy: Feuding with Ariana Grande, Nickelodeon?

We are always extremely leery of damning accusations that do not have an actual “victim.”

To date, Jennette’s suggestion that “the creator” pressured her to drink alcohol is the most damning thing that someone has said (almost) directly about Schneider.

Jennette has not accused him of sexual misconduct. But behavior does not have to be predatory to be wrong.

iCarly Revival promo photo

Nickelodeon reportedly offered Jennette a hefty six-figure sum to keep her experiences private. She declined.

Jennette also opted out of the iCarly revival on Paramount Plus. It is not a part of her life that she wants to revisit.

The cast has been extremely supportive. They want Jennette to be happy and healthy.