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For weeks now, fans have been speculating that Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with her fifth child.

There’s scant evidence to support those claims, but it’s interesting that Kail hasn’t explicitly denied them.

Theorists have been dissecting Lowry’s posts in search of clues, and while they haven’t found a whole lot, they remain convinced that Kail has been keeping multiple secrets about her personal life.

And most of them involve her (possibly ex-) boyfriend, Elijah Scott.

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Kailyn Lowry is on the set of her podcast in this photo of the Teen Mom 2 cast member. (Photo via Instagram)

Kail and Elijah started hooking up earlier this year, and it seems that the relationship has been moving at breakneck speed.

Scott moved into Lowry’s Delaware mansion after just a few weeks of dating, so it’s not hard to see why so many fans suspect that they might already be expecting a child together.

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Kail and Elijah on Instagram. (Photo via Instagram)

But now, the speculation about Kail and Elijah getting engaged or married has given way to rumors that the former neighbors have broken up.

“Kail is online and a lot of people are saying her and Elijah broke up already?! Are we surprised?!” one Reddit user wrote this week, according to UK tabloid The Sun.

“I’m surprised they lasted this long – he looked very uncomfortable in her IG story last week,” another person wrote.

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Kail poses on a roof. (Photo via Instagram)

“It does seem like it’s been a while since Elijah was mentioned on her stories,” a third commenter chimed in.

A fourth commenter speculated that Kail is back with her ex-husband, Javi Marroquin

“She is back to talking about Javi all the time now and using him for pranks and such,” this person wrote.

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Kailyn Lowry is talking here on her podcast. This is a photo from Teen Mom 2. (Photo via MTV)

Given how private Kail has been lately (at least in regard to her relationship) it might be a while before we find out for sure if she and Elijah have parted ways.

In other Kail news, Lowry was heavily criticized by fans this week after she shared a screenshot of a text conversation involving two of her sons.

In the screenshot below, Kail’s son Lincoln seemingly offers to fight someone on Isaac’s behalf.

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Kail’s convo with her sons. (Photo via Instagram)

Kail was apparently proud of her boys’ commitment to one another, but many fans saw things differently.

“I don’t find this cute. Kailyn keeps brings the chaos because she’s addicted to it,” one Reddit user wrote.

“This is repulsive. Lincoln’s behavior here obviously requires correcting, for his safety and the sake of instilling good values- but Kailyn loves it… she just wants podcast material,” a second added.

Kail Tells Her Side
Kail gets emotional on an episode of Teen Mom 2. (Photo via MTV)

“Kailyn has so much drama that her kids always feel like they have to prepare for a fight. She needs to stop having adult conversations with her children,” a third chimed in.

Yes, Kail is enduring an awful lot of criticism these days.

If she is pregnant by Elijah, we guess it makes sense that she would keep it under wraps.

The news that she’ll soon have a fourth baby daddy probably won’t go over well on Reddit.