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Jinger Duggar has been rebelling against her problematic parents since long before the world learned exactly how monstrous and abusive they are.

Sure, we always knew they were crazy, but few people imagined they would be guilty of anything so horrible as enabling Josh’s abusive behavior and helping him cover up his crimes.

But Jinger knew, and possibly as a result of that knowledge, she flew the coop as early as she could.

Jinger married Jeremy Vuolo, and moved to Texas, and the couple later relocated to Los Angeles.

Jinger Duggar Laughs on Sunday
Counting On alum Jinger Duggar shows her bare arms while gazing lovingly at her husband, who shared this photo.

And it’s not just her geographic distance from Duggar headquarters that’s led to an increase in personal freedom for Jinger.

By the standards of the Duggars’ world, Jeremy is downright progressive, and he’s allowed his wife a number of liberties that are traditionally denied to Duggar women.

For example, Jinger is no longer obligated to follow the rules of the infamous Duggar dress code.

Jinger Lives In LA
Jinger Duggar is living the Los Angeles life these days. And many fans are wondering if she’s cut ties with her parents in the wake of her family’s latest scandal.

Once Duggar women get married, it’s their husbands who decide what they’re allowed to wear, not their fathers.

Possibly as a sign that she learned from her mother’s mistake and thus did not marry a control freak, Jinger started wearing pants almost immediately after she and Jeremy tied the knot.

Now, she’s progressed to wearing shorts, dresses, and skirts that cut off above the knee.

Jinger Duggar is making yet another bold fashion statement. And yet again, fans are loving that she’s disobeying her father. (Instagram)

We doubt that Jinger gives much thought to her father’s dumb rules these days, but it does seem that the more years she spends away from her parents’ pernicious influence, the more she’s willing to take full advantage of her freedom.

Case in point, the photo above, which appears to have been taken by a backseat passenger riding in Jinger and Jeremy’s car.

It’s tough to make out exactly what’s going on with Jinger’s clothing situation, but her Instagram followers managed to do exactly that.

Jinger Duggar in Shorts
Who wears short shorts? The answer is apparent in this photo: Jinger Duggar wears short shorts!

And they’ve determined that she’s wearing her “shortest dress yet.”

Yes, according to UK tabloid The Sun, the black-and-white photo of Jinger received quite an enthusiastic response from fans when it appeared in Jinger’s Instagram Stories.

Fans were also enthusiastic about a pic in which Jinger rocked some shorter-than-usual denim shorts.

In addition to the fact that there’s enough exposed flesh there to give Jim Bob a heart attack, the stylish torn and faded denim indicates that Jinger is living a much more modern life in Los Angeles.

And while most of her siblings have remained in Arkansas where they dress like little housewives on the prairie and continue to preach the gospel of patriarchal evangelicalism, a few seem to have been inspired by Jinger’s example.

Jill Duggar has cut ties with her parents, and even Jana is dressing less conservatively.

Jinger Duggar Is Skinny
Jinger Duggar’s latest photo has her fans talking. And many believe the former reality star is losing weight much too quickly.

So yeah, Jinger’s fashion statements might be a very subtle form of rebellion.

But for the right audience, they’re downright powerful.