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Just weeks after giving birth, Jill Duggar underwent surgery to combat horrible pain.

Fortunately, she is now recovering at home after her gall bladder removal.

Jill has shared that Michelle, of all people, is helping her as she heals.

Did this surgery mend the broken bond between Jill and her terrible mother?

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Over the weekend, surgeons removed Jill Duggar’s gallbladder.

Not even six weeks had passed since she and Derick Dillard welcomed their third son, Freddy.

As we previously reported, Jill shared a lot about her experience, including some things that she has learned.

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Jill Duggar enjoys time with her youngest. (Photo via Insagram)

But mostly, Jill is in a lot of pain.

Having an organ removed — even one that you can live without — is a big deal, and recovery can feel worse than initial symptoms.

It is of course no surprise to hear that her husband, Derick Dillard, has been looking after her during this time.

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What does come as a bit of a surprise is that Jill’s mother has also been helping.

Obviously, many people’s mothers would help them after a surgery, either directly or with childcare, if they are able.

But Michelle is not most mothers. And her relationship with Jill has not been at its best in recent years.

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“I am so thankful for good medical care & so many other little blessings along the way,” Jill wrote.

She expressed her gratitude for “help from family and friends.”

Then, in the comments section, Jill got more specific.

Michelle Duggar on YouTube
Michelle Duggar made a very rare public appearance today. Like the rest of her family, Michelle has been keeping a low profile since the arrest of son Josh.

“Mama got [a heating pad] out for me last night!” Jill shared, replying to a fan who was offering advice.

“My mama and Derick have been taking me for walks,” she added.

That is an eye-opening revelation, to be sure.

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See, Jill has been at odds with Jim Bob and Michelle, and for very good reasons.

First and foremost, Jill is still unpacking the trauma of her childhood, from Josh’s crimes to living in a toxic cult.

Secondly, she and Derick felt used and exploited — because they were — during their time on reality television. Jim Bob is to blame.

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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar seem like very bad people. This is just our opinion.

Some of the weirder corners of Duggar fans have seized upon Jill’s revelation to pretend that the feud never existed.

Michelle publicly acknowledged the “difference of opinion” years ago. So did Jill.

Right now, what we’re seeing may be growth between the two. It can’t be a sense of responsibility on Michelle’s part — not given her history.

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Jill Duggar ponders a sip of this hot coffee in this photo of the former reality star.

What would possess Jill to want to allow Michelle into her life?

Maybe it’s what she needed to heal emotionally. Or maybe she can’t shake some of that cult programming.

Perhaps, when she is ready, Jill will explain. For now, we hope that she focuses upon her recovery and her kids.