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Emily Bieberly and Kobe Blaise’s baby girl was no secret. There were spoilers. Plus, we learned about the pregnancy on screen.

But we didn’t get to see Scarlet until the 90 Day Fiance Season 9 Tell All.

There, Emily and Kobe treated viewers to a montage of home videos of their precious daughter, including the childbirth.

Emily shared an unorthodox postpartum treatment, and received some long-overdue vindication. Yes, really.

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When the Tell All Part 2 showed us all a beautiful montage of baby Scarlet, some of us instinctively tensed.

Part of the sweet footage featured Scarlet breastfeeding while Koban gazed at his baby sister with adoration.

All season long, some vocal fans have been inexplicably furious at Emily for breastfeeding. Production and editing deliberately fanned those flames.

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Emily shared that she sent the placenta to a company that dehydrated it and turned it into tablets for her to take.

She credited this for various postpartum benefits, from an easy time nursing to a rapid recovery after delivery.

Considering that some people cook and eat their placentas, this is a little less extreme.

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Thais’ face was particularly memorable. She is, of course, pregnant herself.

Meanwhile, Kara shared that she has similar plans for when she gives birth to her and Guillermo’s child in November.

Of course, not everything has recovered immediately after Scarlet’s birth. Emily and Kobe’s sex life is all but nonexistent.

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According to Kobe, they haven’t had sex in over a month. And they’ve only boned a handful of times since welcoming Scarlet.

Obviously, taking a month off from vaginal (or anal!) intercourse after childbirth is common sense.

Apparently, they were also trying to avoid having Baby #3 too soon. Plus, they’re busy with two tiny children.

Emily’s parents, Lisa and David, participated remotely in the Tell All.

They were, as always, a good-natured couple — impressive, considering the harsh edit that their daughter received.

Lisa noted that it is so important for our culture to normalize breastfeeding. If we did, people would be less weird about it.

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Production played some clips, including that awkward moment when Kobe seemed jealous of his own son.

Early after he arrived in Kansas, Kobe shamed Emily for pumping milk in the living room. He suggested that she hide herself.

More to the point, he complained about having to “share” her breasts with their child, wishing that she’d stop nursin ghim.

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This was incredibly weird of Kobe. He stepped into the role of the bad guy in various viral stories.

We’ve all seen the cases of breastfeeding moms in restaurants and public parks who get accosted by strangers.

Kobe’s castmates were clearly not sympathetic. Especially when he suggested that Emily wean Koban before they were ready.

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In Kobe’s mind, because Koban was old enough to digest solid food, he should stop nursing.

One, Koban was within the recommended age range for breastfeeding. As in, almost every medical organization in the world says so.

But two, as even villain Mohamed Abdelhamed noted, it’s not like Kobe “needs” Emily’s breasts, either. Not for his own nutrition, anyway.

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Beautiful Shaun Robinson took a poll of the cast members, asking if any of them thought that 17-month-old Koban was too old to breastfeed.

The result was crickets.

Compared to toxicity and (internalized) misogyny from some vocal viewers, this was a relief and a vindication for Emily.

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As a bonus, she spoke to Tim and Kenneth backstage. Their real-time Pillow Talk roles were a great decision.

He noted that she may feel overwhelmed, but since he had “four under four” (a preschooler and then triplets), he knows that she can do it.

Having two young kids isn’t easy. But someone else always has it harder.