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Do Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre have a healthy marriage?

It sounds nearly as unhealthy as their engagement, and their relationship before that.

During the 90 Day Fiance Season 9 Tell All Part 2, Ari spoke about her recent time in Ethiopia and Bini’s time in Vegas.

Why did she block her husband’s number? Isn’t that almost exactly what drove her up the wall when he did it to her?

Ariela Weinberg and little Avi went for a short trip to Ethiopia.

There, she helped with fundraising in the wake of a deadly civil war that has ravaged the country.

That short trip turned into a three-month visit.

At the Tell All, the couple also shared that Bini (who has his Green Card) has been working in Las Vegas.

He is continuing to pursue his MMA dreams. He is also working in a circus show at Opium Vegas.

Bini clearly loves the chaos and party vibe of Vegas … in ways that Ari does not.

“Of course Bini is going to love Las Vegas,” Ari noted. “That’s Bini in a city: it’s bright and flashy and noisy and parties.”

Infamously, he once turned their former house into a social hub when Ari took Avi to undergo surgery.

While Ariela noted that time away from Biniyam may have been good for their marriage, there was an undercurrent of anxiety.

In the past, Bini has basically ghosted Ari, going for hours or even days at a time without contact.

Ariela revealed at the Tell All that she took a drastic step to protect herself from that happening again.

“I was blocking him so I couldn’t communicate with him,” Ari revealed.

Ariela joked that Biniyam probably didn’t even notice that she had him blocked. He confirmed that.

He shared that he would sometimes try to call her and it didn’t work, but he didn’t think much of it.

Bini had no idea that she had blocked him. Their castmates were stunned, both by Ari’s choice and by how little Bini noticed.

Meanwhile, Biniyam also made a startling admission that he wasn’t sure if they’d be together if not for Avi.

That’s not surprising. We all know this. It’s basically the origin story of their relationship, which began as a vacation hookup.

But few viewers expected to hear the couple actually admit it.

A number of their castmates were every bit as weirded out by the couple as viewers were.

Ari and Bini have a strange and often toxic relationship. Not everyone sees it as one-sided as Jibri does, either.

On the funny side, some of the cast commented on how “tiny” both Ariela and Biniyam really are. It’s more dramatic in person.

The cast also did not seem to have much to say about Leandro, Ariela’s ex-husband and current best friend.

In real life, lots of people are friends with their exes. These two didn’t have a bitter divorce; their marriage just ended.

Perhaps the cast had more nuanced views of this situation because they know how complicated real life is. Perhaps some fans could learn from that.