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Remember when Craig Conover set “boundaries” with Naomie Olindo a couple of weeks ago?

Some exes struggle more to remain normal friends than others. These two fall on the more side.

On this week’s episode, the aftermath of the dog wedding revealed Naomie’s hookup … with Whitney Sudler-Smith.

Craig was so weirded out by it, on multiple levels. Is he overstepping?

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Craig Conover and Naomie Olindo – Craig Conover Instagram –

“Why did everybody get so drunk at a dog wedding?” Naomie asked her friend, Leva Bonaparte.

Little Craig and Peaches may have been the star attractions of the get-together, but they did not party the hardest.

“Speaking of the dog wedding,” Naomie confided, “I didn’t tell you, but right after, I did kiss Whitney.”

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Southern Charm star Whitney Sudler-Smith poses in a blue jacked and sunglasses in this photo shared to Instagram.

It sounds like things went a little beyond kissing, in fact.

“It was fun,” Naomie described.

She then revealed: “He spent the night here.”

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Looks aren’t everything, but in a visual medium like reality TV, they count for a lot. We look forward to seeing how Leva gets along with the rest of the cast. And Naomie referred to there being “a couple of new girls,” so it doesn’t sound like Leva is alone.

Leva was surprised, to say the least.

“You were, like, spooning with Whitney and you didn’t f–king tell me?” she asked.

Many of us are (lovingly) nosy about the lives of our besties. And Leva was not alone.

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“Wait a minute. Wait a minute,” Austen Kroll chimed in.

“This is juicy,” he described. “I love this.”

He was also quick to shade Whitney in Yemassee, describing the Frank Lloyd Wright house as “perfectly set up for Whitney’s aesthetic.”

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What aesthetic is that? According to Austen, a “Seventies porno house.” Shade.

He noted to the cameras that it was obvious that Naomie and Whitney had hooked up.

However, he emphasized that he didn’t want to spill the beans to everyone. Well, not yet.

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Southern Charm star Austen Kroll is originally from Charlotte, North Carolina. He is charismatic and a loyal friend, but he’s known to get stuck in a love triangle or two.

“I’m trying so hard not to look at Leva,” he said. “A secret like this [will come out in] 24 hours.”

Austen characterized: “That’s the grace period.”

He then confessed: “I already told Shep [Rose] and Taylor [Ann Green].” Of course.

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Southern Charm star Olivia Flowers looks gorgeous in bubblegum pink in this photo that she shared via Instagram.

Shep and Taylor ended up being the ones to tell Olivia Flowers when it came up.

See, they had all noticed how Whitney had played favorites when assigning them to their rooms.

Naomie got an especially good room. People noticed. And then Venita Aspen knew.

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Addressing the camera, Venita expressed her dismay over Naomie’s apparent taste in men.

“Naomie, you are creme de la creme. Why are you hooking up with Whitney?” she asked. “Is this a joke?”

Many of us have watched with confusion as beautiful friends make inexplicable choices. It happens.

Southern Charm Reunion Reactions
Southern Charm stars Kathryn Dennis, Austen Kroll, Naomie Olindo, and Cameran Eubanks all react with visible horror and discomfort.

Eventually, of course, Craig Conover had his turn to learn.

Remember, he dated Naomie for three years. They split in 2017 … but hooked up a couple of times, much more recently.

We can understand that Craig had complicated feelings about the news.

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Southern Charm star Craig Conover shows that never growing up has never looked so good as he enjoys his life of luxury.

“That stinks. [To] go from me to Whitney,” Craig remarked. “It’s just not that fun.”

Though it’s not like Naomie jumped from one bed to the other, it can be awkward.

And Craig’s continuing efforts to balance boundaries and his current relationship likely add to the complications.

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Southern Charm star Craig Conover is a former college playboy who … is still a playboy. But hey, now he’s passed the bar exam AND has developed an interest in sewing. So the world is essentially his oyster.

Don’t worry. This isn’t a case of Craig trying to control his ex.

“Naomie can do whatever she wants, but I think it’s shady of Whitney,” he expressed to the confessional camera.

“The bro-code rules are complicated at times, I understand that, but it’s still my ex-girlfriend,” Craig lamented. “Like, what the f–k?”

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Southern Charm star Whitney Sudler-Smith was the filmmaker whose idea it was to create Southern Charm in the first place.

Later, Whitney told Craig point-blank that it wasn’t a random hookup.

He also told him that it was none of his business.

This of course led to Craig later saying “f–k you Whitney” and storming off.