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Once again, for people in the back, Christine Brown would like to make something clear:

She has no regrets at all.

None. Zero. Zilch.

Did she think her life would take her back to singledom? That she’d be a resident of Utah once more after all these years? Living far away from her spiritual spouse and her multple sister wives?

Christine Brown has decided to leave Kody Brown. You can see her make that decision right here on air.


But that doesn’t mean she feels remotely guilty about the way things have transpired.

“I always thought that being the third wife would be the best,” Christine explains in the new issue of People Magazine.

“The first one had all the responsibility of the guy, which is way too much work. Then with the second one, it always seemed like there was a lot of hard times and change, so I’m like, ‘No, don’t sign me up for that.’

“Number three just coasts right in the middle. Easy.”

What, her worry? Christine Brown has made it clear over and over again: She’s soooooo happy without Kody in her life.

Christine speaks from experience.

She was raised in a polygamous household and grew up thinking this way of life was quote-unquote normal. She expected to marry a man with other wives.

Christine got her wish when she married Kody Brown in 1994 and moved into the Lovell, Wyoming, home he shared with his two wives at the time Meri and Janelle.

A fourth wife, Robyn, would eventually join as well… and that’s really when the problems arose.

Christine Brown and Kody Brown are no more. These are official TLC-sponsored images of the stars.

In a trailer for Sister Wives Season 17, Christine admits that Kody’s feelings for Robyn effed with her mind and her heart.

“I feel like to Kody, Robyn’s more important,” she says during this preview, making such a confession for the first time in public.

Long-time fans, of course, remember that Christine said that was ending the pair’s relationship after 25 years last season, explaining:

“The intimate part of our marriage is over. And to be honest, I’m not okay with that. I’m not okay with staying in a marriage where there’s no intimacy.

“That’s not a real marriage. I’m not interested in a half marriage or a partial marriage or whatever we have.”

christine brown and also kody brown

On the upcoming September 11 premiere, Christine and Kody will disagree over just what Kody said many months ago in regard to their sex life.

This episode was filmed months ago, however.

In the present?

Christine told People that she hasn’t looked back for one nanosecond after leaving her spouse.

Christine Brown with a Big Smile
Christine Brown shared this photo a couple months after splitting from Kody. She doesn’t seem too upset about it, does she?

“As soon as I had the car loaded up and drove down the street, I felt free,” she now says of her big move.

“It was exciting and new and so scary because I had no idea what to expect, but I remember feeling hope for the first time in a long time because I just got to take my life by my own and go.”

In conclusion? In a message we hope Janelle and Meri also take to heart?

“I’m infinitely stronger than I ever was before. Happier. Oh my gosh, in my soul, I feel so light and easy and powerful,” Christine says to People.

“I absolutely love it every day.”