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We only recently learned that Abbie Duggar is pregnant with her second child.

Abbie and husband Derick Dillard have been keeping a lower profile in recent months, so details of the pregnancy have been hard to come by.

(We guess most folks would steer clear of social media in the wake of a close relative’s conviction on child pornography charges.)

But online sleuths have been able to figure out Abbie’s due date, and it is MUCH sooner than expected.

Abbie Duggar Pregnant Pic

According to her online wedding registry, Abbie is expecting her latest bundle of joy to arrive on September 8.

That means she somehow managed to keep her pregnancy under wraps for about six months.

Remember the days when Duggar women would shout the news from the nearest rooftop the moment they found out they were expecting?

John David, Abbie, Grace

Yeah, Josh really ruined all of that.

Anyway, Abbie’s online wedding registry is surprisingly normal.

Although by Duggar standards, she and John David are a surprisingly normal couple.

As In Touch reports, the registry is filled with the items you might expect from a woman who’s expecting her second child.

John David and Abbie In Wisconsin

There’s footed pajamas, socks, an overnight duffel bag, a swaddle, pacifiers, baby nail clippers, activity books, etc.

And there’s stuff for Abbie’s recovery, such as nipple cream, herbal perineal spray and ointments.

Is it just us, or is it a little surprising that Duggars are allowed to use the word “nipple?”

John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett at Oshkosh 2021
Counting On alums John David Duggar and Abbie Burnett shared this photo taken at Oshkosh 2021 in Wisconsin.

John David and Abbie also encouraged friends and family to contribute to a diaper fund.

We guess that’s a reminder that the family is not quite as wealthy as they used to be.

That’s another thing that Josh messed up for all his siblings.

The guy’s actions were so repugnant that TLC felt the need to cancel the Duggars’ second reality show — even though Josh had never appeared on it!

But we’re sure John David and Abbie are doing fine in their post-reality star lives.

Unlike most Duggar men, he’s actually employed, and she’s a trained nurse — a profession that she might be permitted to return to once her baby factory years are behind her.

Abbie Burnett and John David Duggar ... and Baby
Abbie Burnett and John David Duggar are home with their baby. What a lovely family photo!

As is customary with the Duggars these days, the couple kept Abbie’s pregnancy a secret for several months.

They only announced that they were expecting on May 8, which happened to be Mother’s Day.

“To the little girl who calls me mommy, and our little boy due in late summer, I’ll love you forever!” Abbie wrote on the couple’s joint Instagram account.

A Pregnancy Announcement?
Look at this photo, folks. Do you think it means that John David Duggar and Abbie are expecting?

We’re sure that John David and Abbie will provide fans with plenty of pics and updates once their second bundle of joy arrives next month.

Gone, however, are the days when fans knew just about everything there was to know about their favorite members of the Duggar clan.

But hey, if there’s any Duggar couple who seems to prefer life away from the spotlight, it’s John and Abbie.