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One of 90 Day Fiance Season 9’s least troubled couples has taken a serious tumble.

It was only on the most recent episode that Patrick Mendes learned that Thais Ramone’s dad hates him.

Thais had tried to spare him from this, but he insisted, and she now feels pulled in two directions.

Honestly, Thais is unsure if she can have a future with Patrick now.

In this sneak peek of Season 9, Episode 15, Thais Ramone is having a heart-to-heart with one of Patrick’s siblings.

We have previously met two of Patrick’s brothers and his brother-in-law.

This time, Thais is speaking to Chad’s sister, Tiffany.

Tiffany is sporting a serious bruise around one of her eyes (presumably, she will explain the injury during the episode).

It sounds like she is acting as … not a mediator, exactly, but someone who facilitates communication.

As the sneak peek clip (below) begins, Tiffany tells Thais that both Patrick and Thais are taking risks in their own ways.

Thais appreciates Tiffany’s point of view … but she’s also not stupid.

She admits to the camera that she knows that Tiffany is, of course, going to put her own brother first.

Thais does, however, explain to Tiffany that Patrick was “different” in Brazil.

Patrick drives Thais towards his house. She is enjoying the houses, and comments on how different the roads are (the US does have a famously robust international highway system). She is also delighted as she sees Patrick’s neighborhood and his house.

“Here,” she describes, “he, like, changed.”

That is not unusual for long-distance relationships.

Many people are in entirely different mindsets when traveling than they are at home — for better or for worse.

For that matter, sometimes partners change when they are no longer wooing someone. It’s not always conscious, either.

Tiffany shares her concern with Thais.

She does not want to see Patrick endure the heartache of another divorce. Frankly, neither does Thais.

The actual task at hand in this sneak peek clip is wedding-dress shopping.

But Thais is preoccupied by doubts, many of which her father either planted or encouraged.

Some of her concerns, however, come from Patrick. Can he treat her like a full partner in their relationship?

Patrick’s father is Brazilian, so he traveled there a few years ago to try to get back in contact with him. While there, he was on dating apps, which is how he met Thais, who is outrageously gorgeous. The two spent a lot of time in Brazil (not to be conspiracy theorists but it looks like 90 Day Fiance cameras may have followed them earlier, because some of the flashback footage looks super good — maybe they filmed for another season that ended up getting scrapped), and Patrick has been back more than a dozen times. 11 months after meeting her, he proposed.

However, by the end of the clip, Thais is at least acting a little more positive.

In reality, Thais remains uncertain about the future, vowing to simply follow her heart.

That said … spoilers for this season suggest that Thais’ heart led her right back to Patrick.