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Thanks to Ramona Singer blabbing the wedding date and venue, we know Teresa Giudice’s plans.

Unless loved ones can talk her out of it, she will marry Luis Ruelas on August 6 at the Park Chateau Estate in New Jersey.

We already knew that The Real Housewives of New Jersey will not be showing her wedding.

Instead, Teresa has wrangled a four-episode wedding special. But not everything is guaranteed just yet. …

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We can all understand why The Real Housewives of New Jersey won’t be airing her wedding special.

First of all, even if Teresa often dominates storylines, that would be above and beyond for an ensemble cast.

Besides, the show — which is currently in production — runs on its own schedule, not on Teresa’s. Usually.

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However, Teresa has been teasing some sort of vehicle for her wedding.

She did not specify, dangling the idea of a potential spinoff or a special.

Now, the RHONJ Obsessed fan page, which operates on Twitter, teases that she’s getting her own special.

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Teresa Giudice looks pretty pissed off in this scene from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, huh?

“Allegedly Teresa Giudice will be getting a 4 episode wedding special!!” the account tweeted over the weekend.

However, that does not mean that anything in life is guaranteed.

The next day, the same account explained that anything could be subject to change.

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Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas are engaged! They seem like a very happy twosome.

“Again this alleged take with a grain of salt,” the account tweeted. “Plans could change.”

Obviously, it is difficult to set things in stone with a network when the event has not yet happened.

Will there be four hours worth of entertaining footage, even for Tre’s most diehard fans? Only time will tell.

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At the same time, the wedding could be the site of a total disaster.

If so, Bravo could have more than four episodes’ worth of footage on its hands.

So, either way, it will be difficult for the network to iron out details.

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Luis “Louie” Ruelas poses here with Teresa Giudice, who appears to be quite smitten with the guy.

We had already heard that cameras would be present at the nuptials.

Why? Because of one guest who reportedly pulled out of attending because she didn’t want to return to TV.

That would be Teresa’s former castmate, Dina Manzo.

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Teresa can be a little, um, intense, even towards her friends. Especially when Luis is involved.

In this case, however, she was reportedly pretty chill about Dina’s choice.

According to reports, Teresa accepted Dina’s decision and her reasons for not attending.

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That said, reports say that a lot of people remain opposed to Teresa’s plans to marry Luis.

Dina’s husband is allegedly among those who hope for a last-minute change of heart, fearing that Tre is making a mistake.

Of course, most of Teresa’s friends seem to be in that boat. But she just can’t see it.

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice brought her boyfriend Luis Ruelas and her four daughters to see ex-husband Joe Giudice.

Unfortunately, talking to Teresa about this is a little harder than talking to a brick wall.

Tre will ignore the accusations that Luis’ exes have made. She has been doing that all along.

But bringing your concerns to her, reports say, will result in Teresa effectively blacklisting you.

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Louis Ruelas lays a kiss here on Teresa Giudice. This is from a wedding photo booth.

As we mentioned earlier, RHONJ Season 13 is currently in production.

Insiders expect this season to air on Bravo late this year.

We do not know when Teresa’s wedding special will air. That may change according to its content.